TCL TV Review and Smart Features 2017

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TCL TVs have appeared to offer incredible incentive in the course of recent years. They’re a newcomer in the space, yet they came in with a significant solid sprinkle by partner themselves with Roku for their savvy highlights. We made a couple TCL TV surveys a year ago, and as they’ve indicated well known, we will continue inspecting them later on. Anticipate our surveys of 2017 models in the coming months. Let’s read the best TCL TV Review.

TCL TV Price List

TCL TV Review: Contrasted with different brands

Cheap. By a wide margin the least expensive estimated mark we’ve tried for this present year. The vast majority of them can be found for under $500.

Extraordinary Smart OS. All TCL savvy TVs utilize Roku TV. Roku is natural, smart, completely included and has all the applications a great many people need.

Not Very Bright. All the TCL TVs we’ve tried have underneath normal splendor estimations. Not unusable, but rather won’t not be charming in brighter conditions.

Beneath Average Viewing Angle. Indeed, even contrasted with other “little survey point” TVs, TCL TVs have a tendency to perform more regrettable.


Contrasted with Vizio, TCL’s lineup is significantly more spending plan situated. Their spending offerings are very aggressive, with comparable picture quality. The Roku TV interface is superior to Vizio’s SmartCast.


LG’s lineup traverses far and wide, and a considerable measure of it is comparatively valued to TCL. While they both offer incredible shrewd stages, spending plan arranged LG TVs will for the most part not very impressive picture quality contrasted with TCL TVs. They will improve when seen at a point however.

Generally speaking, TCL’s TVs offer great picture quality and incredible elements at a low cost. Most TVs in this value point demonstrate an authoritative drop in execution contrasted with more costly models.

TCL TV Review: Best TCL Smart TVs

TCL’s lineup oddly has a great deal of cover. Diverse models have similar sizes for about an indistinguishable cost from others and with no distinction in picture quality.


The best TCL TV we’ve audited is the US5800 4k LED TV. It offers great picture quality and incredible brilliant elements at an uncommonly decent cost.

It’s difficult to discover real blemishes with the US5800. Difference is incredible, and it has no enormous issues with movement or information slack. Consistency is additionally not too bad. It’s not the brightest, and picture quality does fundamentally break down when seen from an edge, yet it’s as yet a more than adequate TV for the normal individual’s night TV sessions.


The TCL US5800 Series UHD LED has a normal picture quality for a 4k TV. It has more obscure than perfect on quick successions. The screen of the US5800 additionally delivers cruel reflections that can’t get countered by the low TV splendor. The Roku keen stage is extraordinary however and the TV operation is easy to understand.

TCL TV Review: Picture Quality

Watching motion pictures on the TCL US5800 is better than average. DVDs and blu-beams play easily however judder is available in motion pictures from different sources. With top notch content the photo is point by point enough yet some low determination content doesn’t show a similar execution. Out of the crate, the shades of the TCL US5800 are somewhat off. On the great side, watching dull scenes, even with every one of the lights off, offers some fascinating profundity. Shockingly, the US5800 doesn’t bolster higher end highlights like HDR, 3D or nearby darkening.


In the event that you need something genuinely economical that still has an incredible arrangement of elements, search for the S305 1080p LED TV. Its photo quality isn’t too far-removed from the US5800 above, yet it’s significantly less expensive. This is the ideal model for those searching for a straightforward TV for a room, since it doesn’t get too splendid, however it’s as yet a superior TV than the normal one found at this cost.

TCL TV Review: TCL Smart Features


The TCL Smart TVs accompanied a remote you would believe was erroneously put in the case. This isn’t an awful thing since it’s exceptionally agreeable and responsive. The TCL marking is amazingly insignificant and much like the interface, it’s a duplicate of the ones you can discover with the Roku boxes.

There are two forms of the remote. One is somewhat thicker and has a 3.5mm TRS connector right onto it, so you can tune in to the TV with earphones. This adaptation likewise has a receiver for use with the voice inquiry of the Roku working framework. It can be found with the UP130. The other remote, found with the various TCL TVs, is more slender and doesn’t have these updates. It is generally the same.

Try not to stress, however. You don’t have to purchase that favor remote to get those components. You can rather download the Roku application on Android or iOS and get all of them.The application is responsive and interfaces with the TV effectively. The sound slack when utilizing the private listening highlight on the telephone isn’t discernible, simply make a point to keep a decent Wi-Fi association with stay away from any issues.

TCL TV Review: Fundamental INTERFACE

When you initially boot up the TCL keen TVs, you’re welcomed with what they call the landing page. Not at all like most different makers, TCL conveys you straight to your contributions before whatever else. Since the shrewd elements are just a single catch press away, it’s very natural.

Next up is the “my sustain” page. It’s a simple approach to peruse a considerable measure of the substance accessible on the stage over a huge number of applications. It totals everything that is accessible for nothing, to purchase or to lease. It likewise enables you to take after motion pictures and appears and informs you when they’re accessible.

The inquiry include works much like the sustain, with the exception of client driven rather than computerized. It enables you to seek through a wide range of substance and also discover applications and diverts in one go. For instance: on the off chance that you search for “Willis,” it will discover motion pictures and shows containing that word and additionally applications. Indeed, even inside gushing applications like Netflix.

At that point comes the Channel Store. This is the place you’ll discover all the applications accessible on Roku, and there is a considerable amount of them. All the enormous ones like Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO GO, and Hulu and numerous more are accessible.

TCL TV Review: Roku Remote App

One of the best components of the Roku stage is its remote application you can discover on both iOS and Android. It can do all that the brilliant remote found with the UP130 can do and that’s just the beginning, so it’s completely highlighted.

As should be obvious, all the fundamental remote controls are accessible, notwithstanding driving the TV on and off. You can connect to earphones to your gadget and tune in to the TV secretly through the application too.

The application is additionally truly extraordinary for ventures and signing into applications since you can utilize your telephone’s console as opposed to wrangling with the bolt keys on the remote.

Much like the shrewd remote, you can likewise utilize your telephone’s mouthpiece for voice look. Another speedier contrasting option to fiddling with the directional controls to enter content.


When trying out the USB playback, an issue emerged. The TV didn’t appear to perceive any of the USB drives we utilize. After further testing with various brands, we figured out how to discover different drives that worked, however we couldn’t locate a specific reason in the matter of why our particular ADATA drives had issues.


Sadly, there is no genuine Roku web program accessible on the Roku framework. You can get the Firefox application, yet all that enables you to do is to adjust with your Android telephone and send recordings to the TV from the Firefox program on your telephone, sort of like Google Cast.

TCL TV Review: Conclusion

TCL’s lineup is generally spending plan arranged, and they do around there. Their savvy stage equals the absolute best, which can’t be said of TVs various circumstances more costly. In addition, their photo quality has been reliably great over their models. In general, it’s difficult to beat them with regards to spending TVs, and that makes them a really easy win.


oku TVs have normally been the ideal decision for a reasonable second TV, or a decent choice on the off chance that you organize usability over picture quality. Yet, the new TCL P-Series moves Roku TVs up a few rungs into premium 4K domain — and at an awesome cost. It matches a great 4K picture (improved by Dolby Vision HDR) with Roku’s phenomenal programming. The review encounter you get from this $599 TV is keeping pace with sets that cost a few fold the amount. There’s not a single glaring shortcoming in sight in the P-Series. Following a little while and numerous hours spent investigating the 55-inch show, I’ve neglected to reveal any major issues or issues that would keep down a shining suggestion.

TCL’s P-Series is an exceptional win for spending plan cognizant purchasers. You’re not “settling” or relinquishing a lot of anything as far as specs or elements with this TV. It has neighborhood (a component frequently saved for pricier sets), 4K determination, HDR, and natural, comfortable programming with simple access to all the famous spilling applications you’d require.

Hauling TCL’s P-Series out of the container, your early introduction of the outside will presumably be that it looks each piece like a $600 Roku TV. The bezels are gleaming dark plastic that can rapidly get fingerprints and fine scratches. Be that as it may, they’re thin and should everything except vanish to your eye when something’s on the screen. I tried the 55-inch show, as the littler (50-inch) and bigger (65-inch) variants don’t transport until not long from now, and TCL hasn’t reported valuing for them.

Included with the TV is a remote like the one that accompanies Roku’s independent boxes. It has an earphone jack and mic for voice look, in addition to alternate route catches for Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and Starz. I truly wish Roku would simply stop with the paid-arrangement top picks and let clients alter these catches as of now, or if nothing else change either Sling or Starz to Amazon — a more mainstream benefit. Be that as it may, hello, at any rate you likewise get a couple of earbuds in the container.

Joining the two, silver plastic feet to the TV takes under five minutes. Power the P-Series on and you’ll gone through the Roku OS setup handle about as quick. In the event that you’ve utilized a Roku gushing box some time recently, you comprehend what’s in store: make a record, begin downloading applications like Netflix and Amazon Video, and you’re off. Since Roku’s product is additionally the TV’s working framework.

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