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Skola Vowel Cars Review

The principal thing that I saw when I got the toys was its bundling. I preferred the red and white doodle box bundling. I am accustomed to accepting amazon parcels in basic cardboard boxes however this was unique.

Skola Vowel autos audit. Read nitty gritty survey of What does the toy contains, how to play with it, will we prescribe it to different guardians.

So some of you may recollect that few days back I composed an article on Diwali blessing thoughts for kids. There I had specified that I am hunting down a Diwali present for my child and was thinking about Skola toys. Envision my astonishment, when Skola toys ran over my blog and offered to send me a toy as a blessing.

Skola Wood Toys Alphabet Finger Puppets - Reading & Word Formation (Multicolour)

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  • Innovative wooden educational language learning toy for 3 year old, 4 year old and 5 year old children. Set includes 12 wooden finger puppets with vowels and consonants printed on 4 sides
  • Merging puppetry with the alphabet is a simple yet thrilling way to read, form words and keep children interested. They begin experimenting by 'wearing' different finger puppets to see what words can be formed. That's what gives this toy a universal appeal. Parents and children can both play various games by simply slipping on these finger puppets
  • Playing with this toy improves children's memory of word association and overall reading and pre-writing skills. This toy stimulates children's physical actions and helps them hone fine motor skills of their small but delicate fingers. Most importantly it encourages social activity where the child engages with a friend or a parent while playing
  • Polished beautifully with non-toxic paints complaint with en-71 part-3 guidelines

So lets discusses Skola Toys vowel autos.

$$ Detailed audit of Skola toys vowel autos

$$ How to play with Skola Toys vowel autos

$$ Stacking

$$ Shape arranging

$$ Counting

$$ Picture Vocabulary or Memory amusement

$$ Introduce children to hints of consonants, vowels and CVC words

$$ What I enjoyed about the item – Skola Vowel autos

$$ What I didn’t care for about the item – Skola Vowel autos

$$ Summary – Will I prescribe Skola vowel autos to different guardians

I was extremely energized and anticipating get this toy from Skola for two reasons –

  •  I have heard a considerable measure about the brand so needed to look at what the toys are extremely similar
  •  The toys from skola are not modest so needed to know why and whether they are an incentive for cash

So read on for my point by point audit of Skola Vowel autos toy.

$$ Detailed audit of Skola toys vowel autos

The principal thing that I saw when I got the toys was its bundling. I preferred the red and white doodle box bundling. I am accustomed to accepting amazon parcels in basic cardboard boxes however this was unique.

The case itself could be utilized for shading and they had astutely incorporated a container of colored pencil inside.

** Something else I saw is the booklet/leaflet folded over the container. I didn’t know what it was – as a rule I have not seen toys accompanying such leaflets. Well I was in for a charming astonishment **

This leaflet was the part I adored most about the toy. Here was a direction on the best way to play with the toy and furthermore different play stages related with it.

God just knows what number of articles I have perused after my child was destined to comprehend words like fine engine aptitudes, deftness, net engine abilities, subjective abilities and the hours I have sent in choosing a toy appropriate for my children age in light of what he can do with it. For me choosing toys has never been simple on the grounds that there are such a significant number of elements to consider – value, material, what abilities can the toy help in, is it something according to my child’s present intrigue et cetera . With the measure of toys I have purchased I can without much of a stretch compose an article on the most proficient method to purchase toys for kids. Indeed, that is a smart thought for my next blog ! I figure I will do it soon.

So enough of me drifting about bundling, lets discuss the toy – Skola Toys vowel autos and What all was incorporated into the crate of Skola Toys vowel autos


  • 5×10 = 50 wooden auto shapes
  • Every auto shape has a photo of 3 letter CVC word and its first and last letters (consonants)
  • There is a space amidst auto for embeddings vowels
  • Five vowels are connected on a base and every vowel has an alternate shape.

$$ How to play with Skola Toys vowel autos

When I was experiencing the direction furnished on the best way to play with this toy or exercises my child can do with this toy, I ran over couple of words which I knew and some which I didn’t. I will attempt to incorporate some data about these words in little data boxes as we advance with the goal that you don’t need to google similar words once more.

$$ Stacking

Well the primary thing that should be possible with the vowel autos is utilize them as squares and stack them. I don’t think about different children yet this is something my child cherishes influencing towers and more than that seeing them to tumble down 🙂

The second this that my child did it with off the cuff is making a prepare. Well since one of his present love is likewise prepares :- )

On the off chance that your child does any of this let them do it – Its awesome for building fine engine aptitudes, deftness and as I as of late learnt this is their method for experimentation and hence helps in sowing seeds of science and designing

$$ Shape arranging

Another approach to utilize this toy will be utilize it as a shape sorter. Since every vowel is diverse you can stack just a single arrangement of autos in every vowel connected to a base.

So since we have effectively done shape arranging that is the third action he did with these arrangement of autos. It would be ideal if you take note of that I didn’t need to get associated with any of the exercises till now. What’s more, that is the magnificence of playing with open finished toys.

$$ Counting

These autos can likewise be utilized for showing idea of checking.

I for one think numbers are a dynamic idea yet tallying is something that me and my preschooler do together. The plan to discuss such ideas is to enable him to know and comprehend his general surroundings. So that while we are voyaging he can reveal to me he saw two autos or while we are in our gallery he can disclose to me that he spotted three squirrels et cetera.

$$ Picture Vocabulary or Memory amusement

This amusement can likewise be utilized to discuss each photo on the auto shape, utilize them as a prop in other themed exercises or just to play a memory diversion relying upon the age of your kid.

$$ Introduce children to hints of consonants, vowels and CVC words

This is something that I mean to utilize this toy for in future. As of now my child can distinguish words and knows the hints of specific consonants however does not yet know the hints of vowels yet.

Yet, he will be three soon so I intend to learn phonics and acquaint it with him. So we can before long play this diversion together to learn phonics.


  • Comprehend and relate letters of the letters in order with its sounds
  • Comprehend that words are made of various sounds (a littlest unit of sound that can separate between two words is called Phoneme and this comprehension in specialized terms is called Phonemic mindfulness)
  • Acquaint him with CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) words

Since I don’t totally know phonics right now, I didn’t know of what are CVC words. So here is the thing that I found.

What are CVC words ?

CVC words in extremely straightforward terms are words that are comprised of a consonant, vowel and consonant. Feline, hot, tip, man and cottage are all CVC words

Why CVC words are essential ?

CVC words are the most effortless to begin with to grow Phonemic mindfulness which is basic to enable your child to figure out how to peruse. These words enable children to comprehend the nuts and bolts of perusing i.e. one we need to peruse from left to right. Second since hints of consonants is typically one of a kind so assembling it alongside regular vowels children can comprehend the change of straightforward sounds into words.””

Vowel autos display CVC words in an intriguing arrangement – so the autos just have first and last consonants. Where are the vowels are on the auto base. Also, kid needs to stack right arrangement of autos on the vowel base (so its like a self revising riddle).

Likewise every auto shape has a photo of the CVC word. While playing with this amusement notwithstanding when I am not conversing with my child about sounds he will consequently make relationship between an arrangement of CVC words and its photos and subsequently easily changing over these into long haul memory.

For e.g. have you at any point saw that these days even little children who can not read can relate contacts put away in your telephone with the individual who is being called ? This is on account of they unwittingly relate the composed word or at times pictures with the protest or a man.

This specific toy is a piece of Skola’s letter set learning venture. I preferred this idea of having an arrangement of toys that strolls a child however a particular learning way. I like the point of view they have put for planning toys and making an excursion for a tyke. To be completely forthright, this is the principal thing that pulled in me to Skola.

To comprehend letters in order learning venture consider underneath illustration. The primary stage is to recognize shape and sound of each letter, second stage is to grow phonemic consciousness of consonants and vowels and frame 3 letter words taken after by other greater words, at that point comes a phase when they discover that they can assemble words to shape important sentences. So Skola has an arrangement of toys that is intended for every one of the above stage.

$$ What I preferred about the item – Skola Vowel autos

Material – The toys is made of wood and non dangerous hues so its safe.

Open Ended Learning toys – As I have said in past articles and I think likewise some place above, I lean toward open finished toys with which a child can do different things instead of toys modified to do just couple of things. Yet, I have an accumulation of both as I have inclinations however am not settled. We do have a battery arranged prepare and plane also, as my child is infatuated with them.

Aptitudes learnt – I enjoyed the huge number of exercises a tyke can do with it and the way that it helps in early learning and development and advancement. Its a decent method for acquainting kids with sound of consonants, vowels and CVC words. For guardians like me who did not CVC words its a beginning stage to find out about phonics fabricate mindfulness and help my child in seeing how to peruse

Tyke’s advantage – This is critical for me as I trust in youngster drove toys, exercises and along these lines learning. A toy might be extraordinary yet in the event that my child isn’t keen on it he won’t play with the toy. This specific toy worked for me on the grounds that my child likes autos, making and breaking towers and letters in order. Likewise his most loved shading is yellow as are the autos. so these vowel autos unquestionably worked for us 🙂 .

Strong – This is something else that I consider-will the toy have the capacity to stand tossing around and normal wear and tear. Since its a wooden toy and taking a gander at the quality it appears can.

$$ What I didn’t care for about the item – Skola Vowel autos

To be straightforward there is nothing that I didn’t care for. As I said before the toy is somewhat expensive.

However, in the event that I think of it as can be utilized for stacking and shape arranging (we began with that at 1.5 years), Counting (which we began at 2 years), Phonics (which can be begun at 3 years) and understanding nuts and bolts of perusing (can be utilized most extreme till 5) it is certainly an incentive for cash.


  • Made of good wood
  • Non Toxic Colors
  • Ok for Child
  • Open Ended Toy
  • Tough
  • Can be utilized to chip away at various abilities – fine engine, deftness, Cognitive aptitudes, Introducing Phonics, Memory recreations, picture appreciation, tallying aptitudes, free play


  • Somewhat expensive. Be that as it may, considering that it can be utilized for different things relying upon child’s age and can be utilized for quite a while. Its incentive for cash

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