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Did you know? In India, more than 1 million people suffer from thyroid disease every year, are you too? Well! I am aware of it because I am one of them suffering from hyperthyroidism from past 6yrs of my life. Living my life with some life changing events is like living it in parts because there was some or other symptom I had to deal with. Let’s check out the Patanjali Medicine Reviews.

Patanjali Medicine in Hindi

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I was introduced to Patanjali medicine back 1yr ago and it was of course, difficult to trust as it was a major decision of my life. And not just stopping here, I am trustable to the brand Patanjali because of ending up my skin problems (acnes & pimples) permanently. I am sure you are dealing with your dermatologists, numerous face packs, and the biggest spending hours & investing thousands in the salon aren’t you?

Let’s discuss and see if you got a solution to your health issue here or not:-From thyroid to obesity, joint pains, stomach problems, and others Patanjali medicine has the solution to almost every other health issue.

Patanjali Medicine Reviews: Medohar Vati

This ayurvedic medicine divya medohar vati, best results in obesity- the medical condition where the body fat is in the major quantity, which may lead to several in future health issues.


  1. Bibhitaki – Terminalia Bellirica
  2. Vaividang – Embelia Ribes
  3. Haritaki – Terminalia Chebula
  4. Amla- Indian Gooseberry
  5. Natural extracts

This ayurvedic patanjali medicine Medohar vati is for Rs. 80 in the quantity of 50gm.

This medicine is beneficial for those who have been fighting with their body fat and wish to become fit and fine just like other people around you. This could also be called as one digestive medicine focusing onto digesting fats of stomach and around. The brand claims that the medicine also cures the joint pains, knee pain & hip pain and makes the body perfectly fit and fine.
I being the thyroid patient have been eating this medicine1 tablet in the morning. The best part of Patanjali ayurvedic medicines is that they cause no harm to your body. And even after I am not sure of the medicine I go to the lab take a blood test for the concerned disease to make sure its dealing in the correct way and therefore when I found my test reports all positive I am on the side of the brand more and its worth taking for me, I would rate the medicine 4star because it is effective on all the major issues it claims the medicine will work.

Patanjali Medicine Reviews: Divya udarkalp churna

The Divya udarkalp churna which is a powder foam ayurvedic Patanjali medicine best results in stomach problems like gas, digestion problem, constipation, and other stomach issues. This bottle of churna (powder form medicine) in the quantity 100gm is for Rs.50.

Different natural herbs and extracts have been picked from Himalayas to make this powder medicine. The youth generation and especially women face a lot of stomach problems because of either eating accessible fancy junk food or having several chemically transplanted medicines from the market. But let me tell you this ayurvedic medicine is no way harmful to the health.

In this digital world yes it is difficult to trust upon such naturally based churna some might even not just know what is churna (powder form medicine) basically is right? Well! I had a great experience with this medicine which is a natural cure to all my stomach ache and stomach irritation/problems. Rather than having the several artificial chemicals added in the form of medicines I prefer it naturally through this churna by the brand Patanjali; effective and non-harmful.

Patanjali Medicine Reviews: Divya kantilep

This ayurvedic Patanjali medicine is the solution for the skin problems like acnes, pimples, black heads, paleness, pigmentation, and others. This bottle of 50gm kantilep is for Rs. 70, mixing it with gulab jal(rose water) or water to make it a perfect face pack.


  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Kapoor – Camphor
  3. Bibhitaki – Terminalia
  4. Haritaki – Myrobalan
  5. Other Natural extracts

This face pack best results for those who have been fighting with acnes, pimples, or any other skin issue. This ayurvedic lep blemishes your skin internally so that you do not face any future skin issues and get rid of them permanently.

Because of the kantilep’s ingredients full of natural extracts, it’s time that you hand over your skin to the Ayurveda to redeem it with natural formulas. Well, I did it way back and now my skin is acne free with no signs of redness. I remember when I was 18, I used to cry my throat out after seeing my face full of acnes and cheek portion all red, I thank Patanjali from the bottom of my heart for at least giving me the solution to my skin problem.

20% of the world population suffers from acnes and 30% admitted they don’t know how to get rid of it.

Patanjali Medicine Reviews: Tulsi ghan vati

This ayurvedic Patanjali medicine is in the count for the cure of dangerous life threatening diseases like dengue, Chicken Guinea, and starts the start-ups of such diseases that are cold, fever, and cough. This purple bottle of 40gm medicine is for Rs. 90.

You get instant relief to cold, cough, and fever after having this medicine made up of several natural herbs and natural extracts and make your body strong enough to work properly ending up all the body pain and weakness. The dosage of it is that you take 1 at the moment with warm water/milk.

With these natural herbs, I was happy seeing it in a sealed travel-friendly bottle. It is one compulsory medicine I never forget to carry in my emergency box whenever I go out on travelling or for any road trip or any weekend out. I would advise you should too keep it as a must have for your emergency box, as fever cold are health issues that can knock the door in any of the seasons.

Patanjali Medicine Reviews: Giloy Ghan Vati

The Giloy plant also known as heart-leaved moonseed, results best in cholesterol, diabetes, and stomach problems. With the addition of several natural herbs with Giloy, the ayurvedic Patanjali medicine specializes in skin and urinary infections/disorders. This medicine bottle of 40gm is for Rs. 90.

From urinary infection to allergies it internally cleanses the body for the right mechanism of the body and to shine out with a perfect natural skin glow. The brand claims to finish the disorder internally and permanently.

I recently went through a lot of procedure for my urinary infection where unaware of the fact that this too has a natural solution but Patanjali tested on my patience as the medicine took a long procedure to cure the infection. And in such situation, a human body is not ready to wait for so long in pain and vagina irritation too, and after that too you don’t get the best results out. I would rate this product 2star, not up to the expectation.

Patanjali Medicine Reviews: Divya Peedantak Vati

The Divya Patanjali medicine is for the generation aged from 35-60+ who suffer a lot from joint pains/ muscle pain due to several major health issues like osteoarthritis, arthritis, sciatica and others. The bottle of 20gm is for Rs. 45, the dose prescribed is 1-2 tablets twice with warm water/milk after your meal.

The brand claims that the medicine is made up of all natural works on the muscle joints and joints pain so that the mechanism of the body works fluently and is in good condition for future healthy living. Especially in the case of women after their pregnancy whose bones and body is not in that much support the way it was used to be, therefore medicine will work as a recovery mode for all of them.

Well! In my family, my mom is the one who after her delivery lost that body power and mechanism because she has been suffering from muscle and joints pain and also after undergoing a proper doctor recommendation as well she did not find any relief to her body. Thereafter, I introduced her to this ayurvedic medicine for joints pain and from her reviews, she can now run after me with no stoppage. The best part of Patanjali medicine is that they cure but without any harm to the body. 4star ratings to this pain relief medicine who works as a wonder to my mom’s muscle pain. Thank you Patanjali from her side!

According to Patanjali, Patanjali Ayurvedic manufacturing division has over 300 medicines for treating a range of ailments and body conditions, from common cold, fever, chronic paralysis, to cancer.

I know half of the population has one or the other health issue whether it is small children suffering from cold and fever, or our mom and dad suffering or muscle pain or joints pain. But the brand which has been trustful is serving it’s the best for every present generation and for tested results half of the Indian population says that the Patanjali is the brand trustable and dependable USP that is affordable and all naturally based.

Pick you health cure from your nearest Patanjali stores, also all the Patanjali medicine are easily online at

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