Editor choice 12 Baba Ramdev Patanjali Face Products Review & List With Price

12 Baba Ramdev Patanjali Face Products Review & List With Price

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12 Baba Ramdev Patanjali Face Products Review & List With Price

Best Patanjali Face Products Review and Price of these beauty products. These beauty products from Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurveda are natural and best.

Being lazy is easy but going careless can be tricky for you as well. Who knew that a small skin problem can create skin cancer for me or for you? Never thought of it right? Let’s check out the best Patanjali Face Products Review.

Are Patanjali products pure?

Well, for me, my face is the most important part of my whole asks me why? Well, that is the one thing everybody notices for the very first time/meeting or having interaction or just for the sight. And who doesn’t like to take care of it? At least I do, don’t you? If not, then you might just face a big trouble or health issue because of your carelessness regarding your skin and your face.

Last update was on: December 14, 2018 5:55 pm

Patanjali Face Products Review: Did you know? Due to these small common skin conditions: acne, sun exposure, UV rays you can lead towards skin cancer (1st stage).

Well! In my closet of personal care Patanjali face products shares a special corner in it, featuring the must have for my skin + face. I am sure you have no idea that the brand Patanjali has quite a good range of personal care products for all skin types & face care keepers and the best part of it is the cheap price and easy availability of the products.

Let’s get down and see what you can pick up from these products which work as a wonder for your face:-

Patanjali Face Products Review: Patanjali sunscreen cream

The Patanjali sunscreen gives you the SPF 30, made up of all natural herbs & natural extracts to protect your skin and let it glow naturally, with no added preservatives in it. This tube of 50gm is for Rs. 100, the price range is good enough as the MRPs of sunscreens is always high.

This sunscreen cream protects you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun; damaging your skin from dust, tanning, and also from other small skin conditions. According to the dermatologists, you should apply the sunscreen after every 3-4 hours and 10mins before going out to the sun exposure.

Patanjali Face Products Review: Neem Aloe Vera with cucumber face pack

All the three ingredients are the main ingredients of Patanjali face products as they are rich in vitamins. The three ingredients of the face pack work as the cleanser of the skin; clean, smoothes, softens and making it naturally beautiful. This travel-friendly green color tube of 60gm is for Rs. 60.

The natural extracts of the face pack and after effects of it lets me use it more and more and that too very often, because of the no harming risk everybody can at least give it a try for a change. If you can spend hours in the salon then you should definitely invest in this product for better & healthy looking skin.

Patanjali Face Products Review: Lemon honey face wash

A face wash is the step one whenever you go out for shopping; you pick other products for face after choosing a good face wash according to your skin type. The ingredient of this face wash lemon cleanses the dirt and honey gently moisturizes the skin. This opener tube of face wash in 60gm is for Rs. 45.

This cleanser works for every skin type but just as a normal face wash to clean your face, but the moisturizing factor of it is a fake promise from what the brand claims, therefore it just a wash to your face and after that you are back to your same normal skin tone. 2star ratings to this face wash for just not complementing my skin at all.

Patanjali Face Products Review: Divya Gulab Jal

The refreshing fragrance of the rose water is just wow for me. Well, this product is quite in demand and if compared to other brand’s rose water, this product is worth taking as it is at the best price.

Gulab Jal is preferably known as the cleanser of the skin and makes it naturally glowing.

The Patanjali face products have no added preservatives and Patanjali Gulab jal is of them. The Gulab jal has a positive impact on my skin because it leaves a smooth texture and also doesn’t make skin dull and dry. Because of its best results to my skin I sleep applying it on my face and that is how by night it became one of my favorite habit (cleansing my skin with it).

Patanjali Face Products Review: Apricot face scrub

The fruit apricot helps in maintaining the smooth and shiny texture of the skin. And this apricot scrub is mixed with ingredients wheat germ and aloe Vera extracts, which is suitable for all skin types. The price of this travel-friendly apricot scrub tube in the quantity of 60gm is Rs. 60.

The indulged ingredients in it remove the dead skin layer of the face, treating all the hidden whiteheads and blackheads of the skin. I used it only once in 15 days period and after its effective results my younger has also started using it and he too could see the difference at how internally the scrub cleans our skin. 5star product according to what the price and results of the product is I would definitely recommend it to all at least it once as a demo as anyway, it is not going to harm your skin.

Patanjali Face Products Review: Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera is a gel based plant easily found at various tropical regions. Aloe Vera is one natural ingredient used to cure various skin issues & is easily present in several skin lotions, creams, and in moisturizers. The price of this green tube of Aloe Vera gel in 60ml is for Rs. 40.

In the starting days of my new house when I was unaware of Patanjali face products, I used to have an Aloe Vera plant in the garden but now because of shortage in space I started using Patanjali’s Aloe Vera gel which is quite my favorite product from the brand because it works wonders on the skin like an Aloe Vera plant would do. The Aloe Vera gel treats well on cuts, minor burns, redness, and other skin problems.

Patanjali Face Products Review: Anti wrinkle cream

Anti wrinkle cream results best in fine lines, wrinkles, under eye darkness, and other aging factors. This fully natural based cream has natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, jojoba, almond, wheat germ, papaya, and sandalwood. This anti wrinkle cream tube of 50 gm is for Rs. 150. Worth I guess!

The brand claims that the cream is best for fine line, wrinkles, and dark spots and neither harms your skin. But is it actually the way brand claims? Well I don’t think because when my mom used the same cream the results were just the opposite of what was expected from the brand. The cream yes moisturizes the skin but the actual propose of the product is yet to get delivered so, I would rate this cream as 2 star.

Patanjali Face Products Review: Did you know? 65% of the population suffers from skin disorders

Patanjali Face Products Review: Saundarya swarn kanti fairness cream

The saundarya swarn kanti fairness cream is enriched with gold purities, natural herbs and fruit extracts for a better glowing skin. The cream works like a facial foam which cleanses the skin and removes all the dust particles from the skin. This pretty golden bottle of 15 gm is for Rs. 399 and in the quantity 50 gm for Rs. 999.

The cream blemishes the skin of the face and nourishes the skin to a fresh naturally beautiful face. The brand claims that the cream is useful in moisturizing, nourishing, & glorifying natural complexion and also bringing up the skin to a fairer tone.
The quantity of the cream according to my usage is little less as the cost of it as compared to other Patanjali face products is high, up to a month I finished one bottle of it, and if I wish to use it on a regular basis I have to buy this bottle every month which my pocket money would not allow me to do so. Affordable and good to use only if the price of this fairness cream goes down!

Patanjali Face Products Review: Saundarya anti aging cream

The Patanjali Saundarya anti aging cream specially made to fight with all your anti aging factors. This attractive silver bottle giving solution to your aging problem is for Rs. 300 in the quantity of 15 gm.

Age factor is what you cannot deny to and everybody today/tomorrow has to face it. But till the time you can control it then why not? Well, I am definitely using this cream in future I have heard a lot about this cream’s positive and powerful after effects, and it is amazing how it does wonders and without any fail it doesn’t harm the skin at all.

Patanjali Face Products Review: Aloe Vera gel Kesar Chandan

Aloe Vera gel Kesar Chandan is a proper blend of Kesar and Chandan with Aloe Vera gel leaving the skin fresh & moisturized. This travel-friendly tube with the quantity 60 ml is for Rs. 50 and in the quantity 150 ml for Rs. 100.
Well! I love Patanjali Aloe Vera gel but this is with a unique (healthy) combination with it. The brand claims to get rid of dryness, pigmentation, and dark spots. This unique blended gel has nourishment properties which help in removing sunburn, tanning, and skin dark spots. I mean with Aloe Vera gel it has an addition of beautiful & natural ingredient chandan to glorify your skin beautifully, benefit of it is that whole of the family can use it, as it will not harm anybody’s skin at all.
Guys! The skin of the face is the most delicate one and it needs some special care and attention towards it. And Patanjali face products do proper justice to the skin as of their brand USP is affordability and delivering naturally based products which anyway will not harm your skin.

After using herbal and Ayurvedic products of Patanjali my skin feels so much better & in protection, also makes me happier when I don’t have to run to the stores and waste hours in shopping, as the products are easily available for all, you just have to reach at the website www.patanjaliayurved.net and if you wish to eye witness it you can always visit to the Patanjali stores nearby and you too can be a happy customer of Patanjali like I am.

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