Panasonic LED TV TH-55FX800D Review | Should we buy ?

The Panasonic TH-55FX800D TV is a lead LED TV from Panasonic. The TV is accessible for Rs 1,65,000 and gloats of 4K goals with HDR capacities however needs Dolby Vision bolster. The TV likewise sports its very own keen OS and highlights bolster for brilliant speaker voice control too.

Our Verdict

The Panasonic TH-55FX800D carries with it a tough form, great picture execution and a straightforward and simple to utilize UI. The equipment in the engine is equipped for incredible HDR picture handling also. Notwithstanding, at a similar cost you can get your hands on a 2018 55-inch OLED TV, which is an interesting point before settling on a buy choice.


  • Solid stand
  • Smooth structure
  • Great link the board
  • Great picture preparing
  • Great execution for HDR and 1080p substance
  • Easy to utilize UI
  • Great design of picture controls in settings
  • Less intelligent than OLED TVs


  • No Dolby Vision bolster
  • No voice controls on the remote control
  • Same cost as a 2018 lead OLED
  • OLED TVs have better blacks

Panasonic LED TV TH-55FX800D: Detailed Review

Purchasing a lead TV by and large means going for an OLED TV however on the off chance that you are somebody that will sit in front of the TV in a brilliantly lit condition or a stay with a ton of daylight, at that point chances are you will require something that can withstand glare. One of the issues of OLED TVs is that they aren’t the best when seen in splendidly lit rooms because of their to a great degree intelligent boards. This is the place leader LED TV’s come into the image. They might not have a similar profound blacks found on OLED TV’s nevertheless the absence of profound blacks is more than compensated for when watching content in sufficiently bright rooms. Today we have with us Panasonic’s lead LED TV – the TH-55FX800D. The TV gloats of some noteworthy tech in the engine and comes at a similar value point as the LG C8 OLED TV. Is it a commendable contender?

Key determinations initially

  • Board Size: 55-inch (accessible in 65-inch too)
  • Board Type: IPS LED
  • Board Resolution: 3840 x 2160 – 4K
  • Board Refresh Rate: 60Hz (for 4K content)
  • HDR 10 bolster: Yes
  • Dolby Vision Support: No
  • Weight (with stand): 32.5kgs
  • HDMI Ports: 4
  • USB Ports: 3
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Ethernet: Yes
  • Speakers: 2 x 10W
  • Worked away: NA
  • Value: MRP: 2,39,900. Moving cost: 1,65,000

Fabricate and structure

To a great degree well fabricated is the principal thing that rings a bell when you look at the Panasonic TH-55FX800D TV. The stand has some weight to it, being made of metal, however keeps the TV solidly set up regardless of a little impression. The board of the TV has to a great degree thin bezels and there is a glass fringe encompassing the TV. In spite of the board of the TV being amazingly thin, it has a lump at the back which houses every one of the segments and information sources. Without the stand, the TV estimates an insignificant 5.4cm which makes it extremely thin.

The speakers are situated at the base of the board making them down terminating speakers. We will speak more about the speakers in our sound area.

Going to the network choices, ports are appropriated between the side and the back of the TV. As an afterthought we have the earphones out, 2 HDMI ports, one of which is ARC, computerized sound out, 1 USB port and the recieving wire port. At the back, the TV has 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports alongside ethernet, and AV input. An incredible thing about the availability alternatives is that every one of them are well taken cover behind a board and there is great link the board to defeat your links.

Generally speaking, the work of the TV is totally premium, all around developed and the stand is very solid. The stand has a little impression so on the off chance that you have a little table or stimulation focus, it will fit right in. The TV can, obviously, be divider mounted on the off chance that you like.

Show and Picture Quality

The image quality is the substance of any TV. Everything else is an additional component. Before we expand on the image quality through our different tests, realize that the 55-inch Panasonic TH-55FX800D is accessible for Rs 1,65,000. It is a 4K TV with HDR bolster however no Dolby Vision bolster. At a similar value, we additionally have the LG C8 from LG’s 2018 OLED TV (read our audit here). So how does the Panasonic TH-55FX800D reasonable in our tests?


The TV has a worked in Netflix application and backings content plays back in 4K HDR. We played our standard slew of tests from Daredevil, Star Trek, House on Haunted Hill and more to 1080p substance like John Wick. The 4k content on the TV looks great and the image presets change dependent on the substance you are expending. Going into the image settings you will understand that the backdrop illumination is naturally set to full when watching HDR content, else, it is at around 50 percent in the Normal preset. It obviously changes when you change the presets to clear and things like that. Since these presets are more qualified for 1080p substance, we will expound on them in the coming segments.

Talking about the nature of yield, it is very brilliant. Presently one innate burden of LED TVs over OLED TVs is that blacks aren’t as profound. That isn’t the situation here more often than not. The dark dimensions of the TV are genuinely great particularly when you think about this is a LED illuminated LCD TV. The main drawback and you will see this progressively when you are watching content in a dim room is that there is some light seeping at the base of the TV all the more so in the base right corner. This is particularly obvious when you are watching content when content is dark around the corners however splendid in the inside. For instance, a consuming sun in space amidst the screen. For most this resembles little scratch on your vehicle. For whatever length of time that you don’t know where it is, you won’t see it regardless of whether you are taking a gander at it. In any case, on the off chance that you know where it will be, it will grab your attention inevitably.

One beneficial thing about the TV is that when watching HDR content, the board can get extremely brilliant and by splendid I don’t mean the splendor setting however the backdrop illumination. The backdrop illumination of the TV is great particularly for shows like Daredevil on Netflix and Star Trek Discovery. At times, as with the Sony A9F, some Daredevil substance looked darker than I’d like and on the Panasonic TH-55FX800D it looks fresh and splendid which is great.

In general, as long as you are expending 4K HDR content from the inherent applications, you ought to have a decent review involvement.

1080p substance

This is another space where the TV performs great. A ton of substance on Prime recordings and Netflix is in 1080p and that content looks great on the TV. This is the place the other picture presets become an integral factor. We found that keeping the preset to typical however expanding the backdrop illumination to around 68 (in a generally dim room) was the sweet spot for us. We saw content like Wonder Woman, Spiderman on Prime recordings and John Wick on Netflix and it looked truly great. In any case, there are times when I seen some sprouting particularly in John Wick amid the Red Circle battle succession. Sprouting occurred every so often.


We played our standard suite of test recreations utilizing a Xbox One X on the TV. These amusements run from Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 4, Red Dead Redemption 2 and the sky is the limit from there. Gaming on this TV looks great. The ones that offer HDR capacities look shocking. There is unimportant info slack. By and by, in a few amusements where there is night – outright dimness, you will some light draining and blossoming however that is just on the off chance that you play in pitch dull. Have a few lights on in the room or have common light coming into the room and this isn’t as clear for what it’s worth in the dimness.


Two 10W speakers may sound disillusioning on paper anyway the main thing frustrating about the speakers on the Panasonic TH-55FX800D TV is the absence of bass. Aside from that the speakers can get boisterous, clear, particularly for discoursed and work admirably when watching indicates like Big Bang Theory or Young Sheldon or news on TV. Our standard arrangement of test documents which incorporate Cyberpunk 2077 trailer, Blade Runner 2049, and obviously, the amusements. Basically, to really appreciate content on the TV it bodes well to put resources into a decent stable bar or a home theater. Be that as it may, for regular TV seeing and the intermittent motion picture or diversion, you can manage with the TVs speakers. The can cover a vast room and at 50-60 % volume, get extremely boisterous.

Remote Control

The remote control of the Panasonic TH-55FX800D TV is the conventional Panasonic remote control found on different models. You have a bended back which adds to the grasp. Much the same as the remote control found on Sony TVs, the Panasonic remote control has every single conceivable capacity including an alternate route to Netflix, volume and channel controls, playback controls and the sky is the limit from there. The remote control is easy to utilize and feels exceptionally customary. The absence of a committed voice control catch is missed considering this is a lead TV and furthermore, there are no movement abilities like those found on the LG remote control. Generally, the remote is utilitarian, best case scenario.


With regards to the UI of a savvy TV, we have seen Android advance to Android 8 and LG brings Web OS and both the UIs work to a great degree well for what they offer. Android obviously has the benefit of the Google Assistant and Google’s very own Play Store and LG has worked to perfection with voice acknowledgment on Web OS. This is our first excursion with Panasonic’s very own My Home Screen adaptation 3.0. It is a basic UI with a perfect interface where all the applications are recorded. You can include your most loved applications as an alternate route on the off chance that you like and mainstream applications like Netflix and Prime Videos are here too.

The TV can likewise be setup with your shrewd home speaker for voice controls and there is additionally a versatile application that goes past the conventional controls of the remote control. In any case, on the off chance that you don’t claim a keen speaker, there is no voice control usefulness on the remote control for you to abuse.

An exceptional notice must be made of the settings UI of the TV. They present you with all the significant data like picture presets, splendor, differentiate, backdrop illumination control and make profound, complex settings simple to access also. Something else is that the splendor and backdrop illumination controls are isolated, which is the manner by which it ought to be. A few TVs mark backdrop illumination as brilliance, which would constant outcome in awful alignment of the presentation’s light. It is pleasant to see Panasonic draw the refinement between the two.

Primary concern

Like we said over, the Panasonic TH-55FX800D TV has a MRP of Rs 2,39,900 however is moving for Rs 1,65,000. It has an exceptionally solid form, great picture execution, smooth UI and wide review edges. Be that as it may, at a similar cost you can get a 2018 lead OLED TV from the place of LG – the LG C8. The LG C8 likewise has awesome picture quality and since LG has been in the OLED amusement for quite a long time, they have benefited as much as possible from the innovation. With regards to picture quality and execution, OLED ought to be the best approach. Be that as it may, the Panasonic TH-55FX800D has one utilize situation where it can perform marginally superior to an OLED TV – in a brilliantly lit room. The Panasonic TV has great execution in a brilliant room or a room that can’t go pitch dim. In pitch murkiness nonetheless, the LG C8 has better execution.

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