Olloclip Filmer’s Kit Review | The Pros and Cons

Olloclip Filmer’s Kit

With regards to accommodation and moderateness, the cell phone camera rules. In any case, these multifunctional, pocketable gadgets do not have the adaptability of independent cameras. Cell phone adornment focal points mean to invalidate a portion of these constraints, however can likewise diminish the comfort and compactness factor of utilizing your telephone as a camera.


  • Fantastic 15x full scale
  • 2x fax makes gentler foundations
  • Negligible focal point flare
  • Incorporates case and turn hold
  • Focused cost


  • Not perfect with telephone cases
  • Clasp covers some portion of the screen
  • Some edge non-abrasiveness

With regards to accommodation and moderateness, the cell phone camera rules. In any case, these multifunctional, pocketable gadgets do not have the adaptability of independent cameras. Cell phone adornment focal points mean to invalidate a portion of these constraints, however can likewise diminish the comfort and compactness factor of utilizing your telephone as a camera.

Olloclip’s iPhone focal point accumulation expects to offer the best of the two universes, all while keeping the cost drifting around $100 for every focal point pack. The Olloclip Filmer’s Kit takes that much further, shaving off at any rate $70 from the consolidated individual costs by packaging everything together, alongside an ergonomic grasp, into one case.

No measure of specific glass will transform a cell phone into a DSLR — however the Olloclip suite of focal points makes beforehand outlandish shots conceivable, as well as great. It opens up a scope of central lengths, and can even make a portion of that exceptionally looked for after bokeh.

The clasp in Olloclip

Olloclip focal points sit inside a clasp that basically slides over the highest point of an iPhone, with two distinct sizes to suit the iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus. Olloclip says the case will bolster most screen defenders, however it won’t suit cases.

The focal points screw onto a base, which sits in a hole in the clasp anchored by two pegs. A catch withdraws one of those pegs, enabling the focal point to be swapped out of the clasp. The outline makes exchanging focal points simple, however not secure, since it’s conceivable to introduce the focal point in reverse where it won’t sit over the iPhone camera. Once associated, the main time you’ll have to tighten a focal point and out of the base is to utilize the two-in-one Fisheye and Macro. This outline limits the possibility of getting fingerprints on the focal point.

The clasp is likewise twofold sided, which implies you can have one focal point over the back confronting camera and another focal point over the forward looking camera. The clasp is intended to have one focal point on each side — in the event that you need to just mount a solitary focal point, you have to include what’s known as a Blanking Base on the opposite side to keep the clasp from moving. Without that base, the focal point will squirm, overstating any camera shake while shooting video.

In spite of the fact that it just sits over the highest point of the telephone, we weren’t stressed over the clasp tumbling off — it hangs on really well, notwithstanding when knock.

The plastic piece that stores the focal point cut serves as a telephone stand and tripod. Olloclip additionally incorporates a wrist lash and carabiner for keeping the clasp helpful.

One drawback is that the clasp covers a little segment of the screen at the best. When utilizing the iPhone’s default camera application, we were not able access the alternatives for HDR, Live Photos, or the self clock without first evacuating the clasp.

The Core Lens Set:

Olloclip’s Core Lens Set incorporates three focal points. The extensive and fisheye sit in the standard plastic base that joins to the clasp. The full scale focal point, in any case, is covering up inside the fisheye clasp. Unscrewing the fisheye uncovers the little full scale focal point in the base. The Core Lens Set is incorporated inside the Filmmaker’s unit for Rs. 14303.13, or can be obtained independently for Rs.7187.50, a reasonable cost consider that it incorporates three focal points and the clasp.

Large scale:

Large scale focal points are dependably of our top picks out of each cell phone extra focal point framework we’ve attempted, and the Olloclip’s is no exemption. The littler sensor of a cell phone makes it significantly less demanding to make a nearby focal point contrasted with a full scale focal point for a DSLR or mirrorless camera. Truth be told, a 15x focal point is essentially unfathomable in the camera world, however the Olloclip 15x full scale gets insane close — for under Rs. 7187.50.

A 15x large scale is a really outrageous close-up — think capturing ants or fine points of interest. Getting in that nearby makes a restricted profundity of field that is not normally connected with a cell phone camera, an impact that is a twofold edged sword.

To keep your subject in center, the focal point must be held at simply the correct separation. There’s a little sweet spot to hit, and getting a large scale video of a moving subject is almost inconceivable — each time you get the subject in center, it’s now moved out of core interest. We should take note of this is essentially the idea of large scale photography, nothing particular to the Olloclip focal point plan itself.

When you nail center, the focal point is entirely sharp for a cell phone focal point, taking into consideration catching a decent measure of detail. The edges of the picture are genuinely delicate, yet since the profundity of field is so limited, you may no even notice the delicateness except if you’re shooting an impeccably level surface.

On the off chance that you zoom in sufficiently far, you can get a little chromatic deviation — or shading bordering — however not at a sum that is evident or diverting from the picture itself. The focal point likewise doesn’t make any recognizable vignetting.


Screw the best bit of the focal point over into the full scale base, and you have a fisheye that catches right around a 180 degree see in a solitary shot. The focal point is a round fisheye, which implies the subsequent picture is a hover on a dark foundation. Notwithstanding, since the iPhone’s video mode is trimmed contrasted with photograph mode, this impact doesn’t extend into films, where the view isn’t exactly as wide.

Every single fisheye focal point make mutilation from that amazingly wide view; that is a piece of the appeal. At the edges of the casing, straight lines will seem to twist in and on the off chance that you have a go at panning with it, you’ll make a hallucinogenic impact where distinctive parts of the picture twist diversely as the camera moves. The focal point is wide to the point that you must be cautious about where you hold the telephone or your fingers will appear in the edges of the shot.

Out of the considerable number of focal points in the pack, the fisheye is the gentlest. The inside isn’t exactly as sharp as alternate focal points and the edges of the picture are recognizably obscured. The focal point additionally causes some shaded blue and green bordering that you may see without zooming in, particularly on a high differentiation shot. Point it into the sun, and you’ll get a recognizable flare, yet these for the most part appear as a minor green dab that is anything but difficult to alter out.

All inclusive:

The Olloclip all inclusive catches a wide view without the twisting of the Fisheye. It catches around a 120-degree edge of view, making it less wide than both the Fisheye and the far reaching focal point that is not part of the Core Lens Set but rather is incorporated into the Filmer’s Kit..

The all inclusive is additionally the most consistently sharp focal point out of all the Olloclip focal points we tried, with just slight bending in the edges. Not at all like the fish-eye and broad, the edges of the picture aren’t as discernibly obscured. The inside may not be very as sharp as the full scale or fax, yet the expansive gets focuses for having more prominent consistency over the casing.

The focal point will catch some blue shading bordering, however just a minor sum that is not perceptible without pixel peeping. Like alternate focal points, it will flare when pointed specifically at the sun, yet as with the fisheye, this can as a rule be evacuated in post effectively.

The Active Lens Set:

The Olloclip Active Lens set incorporates a 2x fax and an all inclusive focal point that catches around a 155-degree edge of view. The set is incorporated into the Filmer’s Kit, or retails without anyone else for Rs. 8625.00 including the clasp.

2x Telephoto :

Olloclip’s zooming focal point was a nearby second most loved after the large scale as it likewise makes it conceivable to obscure the foundation past what’s ordinarily observed from a cell phone camera. A 2x zoom is nothing insane, however it encourages you get somewhat nearer, while the slight decline inside and out of field separates your subject.

The fax is acceptably sharp at the middle, yet the edges of the picture are observably gentler. Chromatic distortion is insignificant, with few hued relics on the edges of high difference territories.

The focal point does vignette somewhat, obscuring the edges of the picture, and like alternate focal points, pointing it towards a splendid light source will make a flare. Flaring is for the most part negligible, however the zooming focal point did sporadically create bigger flares not normal for alternate focal points.

Expansive :

Ollclip calls the 155-degree see from the all inclusive an activity camera-like focal point. It is more extensive than the broad yet not exactly as wide as the fisheye and still makes a rectangular picture.

With the 155-degree see, there’s some normal bending that is overstated in any items that are nearer to the focal point. Straight lines will seem to bend yet that is normal for such a wide focal point on a cell phone.

Focus sharpness is about normal, a great quarter of the picture at the edges is obscured. Both vignetting and chromatic variation are minor, be that as it may. Focal point flares are additionally little and in many shots would be anything but difficult to alter out.

The Olloclip Filmer’s Kit Accessories :

Alongside the five focal points, the Filmer’s Kit incorporates an ergonomic handle called the Pivot and an Incase case to keep everything composed.

The Pivot offers a more agreeable to hold your telephone for longer shoots. It contains a handle and a spring-stacked telephone support, with a turning base in the middle of taking into consideration 225 degrees of movement, with a catch on the handle to effectively change the point of the cell phone.

The 2x zoom is nothing insane, however it brings you in closer and diminishes the foundation.

Built from plastic, the handle doesn’t add a considerable measure of weight to the setup. All things considered, the Pivot still feels decent in the hands and doesn’t feel like it might break effectively like some less expensive plastics. While the handle creases up, calling the Pivot “pocketable” is most likely a stretch — except if you’re wearing load pants.

The highest point of the cell phone support additionally houses a cool shoe mount for including an adornment. The support can be curved off and supplanted with.

The Incase case has an inflexible external shell for keeping the focal points safe and a froth embed keeps everything ensured and composed. The embed is cut for the iPhone Plus clasp, so the standard-sized iPhone cut doesn’t fit also into that space. Under the cover, a work pocket can house little frill. The zip case doesn’t have any kind of handle, however it’s sufficiently little to slide into practically any dispatcher pack, rucksack or even generally totes.

The extras in the Filmer’s Kit are well-fabricated and simple to utilize — yet that is not the best part. With the bundle valuing, the case and Pivot are basically free. Separately, the focal point packs cost Rs. 7115.63 and Rs. 8625.00, which is now finished the Rs. 14375.00 cost of the Filmer’s unit, even before considering the Rs. 3593.75 Pivot and the bespoke case.


  • The Olloclip Filmer’s Kit conveys a standard 1-year guarantee.


Cell phone focal points are dubious to get right since you’re putting a focal point over a current focal point characteristically makes the focal points more inclined to defects like delicate edges and vignetting. While not insusceptible to those imperfections, the Olloclip focal points offer strong execution considering they cost under Rs. 3593.75 each. The individual focal point packs bode well for clients that simply need a specific style of focal point, similar to a large scale or a fax, yet the cost of the Filmer’s Kit makes the set awesome notwithstanding for still picture takers that need every one of the five focal points.

Is there a superior option?

Extra focal points are a class loaded with rivalry, however the Olloclip sits at a sweet spot amongst quality and cost. Minute focal points are outstanding for their quality, however they can likewise be Rs. 6468.75 – Rs. 7187.50 for a solitary focal point — notwithstanding the required Rs. 2156.25 case. The Bitplay is more in accordance with the Olloclip’s value point, and it has a superior case contrasted with the Olloclip cut, however the focal points were more inclined to vast flares than were Olloclip’s. The blend of value and value makes Olloclip a solid contender.

To what extent will it last?

Olloclip’s clasp configuration obliges both the iPhone 7 and 8 alongside both in addition to models. Regardless of whether Apple changes the outline of the iPhone 9, you should just need another clasp to continue utilizing your Olloclip focal points on future telephones. The priciest bit of the pack — the focal points and the Pivot — should keep going for quite a long time, if you don’t lose or scratch one.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

Indeed. Regardless of the name, the Olloclip Filmer’s Kit isn’t only to make motion pictures, and is extremely alluring at the Rs. 14375.00 cost. On the off chance that you need more flexible shots and more bokeh without surrendering the compactness of a cell phone, it is a fantastic alternative whether you lean toward shooting stills or video. On the off chance that you need to keep your telephone for a situation consistently, or require something with tack sharp edges, Olloclip’s set likely isn’t for you. Be that as it may, for some iPhoneographers, the set offers both adaptability and esteem.

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