FireTV Stick 4K review: Alexa, grab that remote | Why is everyone talking about it ?

The FireTV Stick 4K with Alexa Remote turns into a kind of center around which you can manufacture your computerized world

When associated with a TV, the FireTV Stick 4K with Alexa Remote turns into a kind of center around which you can manufacture your computerized world   HIGHLIGHTS Amazon FireTV Stick 4K with Alexa voice remote was propelled in ...

When associated with a TV, the FireTV Stick 4K with Alexa Remote turns into a kind of center around which you can manufacture your computerized world



  • Amazon FireTV Stick 4K with Alexa voice remote was propelled in October
  • It is accessible for Rs 5,999 on Amazon India site
  • Users can purchase Alexa voice remote independently for Rs 1,999

Over the most recent one year, Amazon has made huge steps with its menial helper Alexa. What started as an agreed yet affable voice on a keen speaker currently offers smarts to a divider clock and in addition a microwave. It seems as though Amazon’s entire world is progressively getting Alexa-fied. Along these lines, it’s solitary normal for Amazon to convey Alexa to keen TVs too. This is something the organization did with the new FireTV Stick 4K.

This new FireTV Stick propelled in October. The package comprising of the FireTV Stick 4K and the Alexa remote is accessible for Rs 5,999 on the Amazon India site. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you as of now have the FireTV Stick, you can get Alexa on your TV by getting the Alexa remote for Rs 1,999.

The FireTV Stick 4K is the successor to the FireTV Stick that was propelled in April a year ago and it highlights refreshed equipment. Aside from a superior processor and more memory, the FireTV Stick 4K now accompanies bolster for a portion of the more up to date advancements like 4K Ultra HD, HDR10, HDR, HDR10+, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. What this means is that the FireTV Stick 4K cases to offer clients unbeatable video and sound quality, if you have a steady greetings speed Wi-Fi association.

The star of this audit, as you may have speculated, is the Alexa remote. Alexa works (nearly) impeccably with the new FireTV stick. Regardless of whether it is playing your most loved TV arrangement or getting your playlist from Prime Music, or playing motion pictures that star your most loved on-screen character, Alexa doesn’t overlook anything. What’s more, these are is only a portion of the traps Alexa offers. Amazon’s menial helper has turned out to be exceptionally flexible, and it truly makes its mark when combined with the FireTV Stick 4K.

Be that as it may, all in great time, first given me a chance to discuss the ordinary stuff, similar to the exhausting plan of the FireTV Stick, or how simple or troublesome it is to set it up.


The FireTV Stick 4K resembles a goliath pen drive that connects to your shrewd TV’s HDMI port. Nothing unexpected there, this is the manner by which FireTV- – or besides Chromecast- – interfaces with a TV. The FireTV Stick 4K has a little port at the base that is utilized to associate it with a power source. This implies you require two power sources to utilize the FireTV Stick 4K with your savvy TV – one that would give power to your TV and the other that would supply current to the FireTV Stick. On the off chance that you are missing the mark regarding an attachment, you can likewise utilize the USB link given in the container to associate your brilliant TV’s USB port with the FireTV Stick to control it.

Strikingly, while the stick has gotten no plan updates, the remote then again, has been given a makeover. Amazon has not just transformed its old voice remote into an all inclusive remote however it has additionally given it super-controls by interfacing it with Alexa.

The new Alexa remote, in contrast to the old voice remote, accompanies four new catches. Two of these control the volume, one quiets the shrewd TV and alternate goes about as a typical control for killing the TV on and. Furthermore, the voice catch to finish everything, which was recently utilized only to give voice directions to the FireTV Stick, would now be able to be utilized to bring Alexa to play out numerous errands, including checking climate or getting news reports on your brilliant TV.


Setting up the FireTV Stick 4K is a long yet simple process. While blending the new FireTV Stick with the TV is a simple errand, what entangles the procedure to some degree is synchronizing your brilliant TV to work with your Amazon Echo shrewd speaker. To setup the FireTV Stick 4K pursue these means:

1. Go to the Source in your shrewd TV and tap on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

2. Adhere to the directions on the screen to choose the dialect.

“”Amazon has not just transformed its old voice remote into a general remote yet it has likewise given it superpowers by associating it with Alexa“”

3. Next, interface your FireTV Stick with your home Wi-Fi. When the Wi-Fi is associated, it will download significant programming on your TV after which your TV will restart naturally.

4. Presently, sign-in with your Amazon account.

5. When you sign-in, you will be inquired as to whether you have to setup parental controls. Quit parental control, in the event that you don’t waste time with this stuff. After this, your remote will start to setup.

6. Next, select applications and administrations, and programs that you need on your brilliant TV.

7. Empower information observing to check information utilization.

8. In conclusion, acknowledge terms and states of utilization and you are a great idea to go.

To match your Amazon Echo keen speaker with your FireTV Stick 4K, pursue these straightforward advances:

– Go to the Alexa application on your cell phone.

– Go to Settings and tap on TV and Video choice.

– Now select FireTV Stick and tap on Continue.

– Select the Echo speaker that you need to interface.

– Tap on Link Devices choice and voila! Your brilliant TV is prepared to tune in to your keen speaker.


The focal topic of the majority of Amazon’s discharges this year has been brilliant home availability utilizing Alexa alongside some equipment enhancements that include bolster for the most recent innovations. This is valid for the FireTV Stick 4K and in addition, and it gives you one more motivation behind why you should change to Amazon’s biological community, in the event that you haven’t as of now.

First we should discuss the UI. Amazon leaves nothing to the client’s creative energy with the FireTV Stick 4K. The interface, ideal from the time you begin setting up the gadget to the time you look for your most loved TV shows or films on the web, is to a great degree simple to utilize. A well ordered guide first and foremost and a streamlined visual portrayal after setup guarantees that anybody, even the general population who are not all that capable with innovation, can utilize the new FireTV stay easily. What helps the consistent use of the gadget is the Alexa voice remote, which empowers clients to control the brilliant TV utilizing their voice. In all actuality, the voice remote, which the organization transported with its FireTV Stick a year ago, additionally encouraged the utilization of the gadget, anyway with Alexa the FireTV Stick 4K can do as such and substantially more.

Over the span of my audit, I approached Alexa to scan for motion pictures by Shahrukh Khan and it did as such expeditiously with no blunders. In any case, the rundown that was shown on screen included perpetually looking over the screen on a level plane. To say it essentially, rather than utilizing the screen space all the more wisely by demonstrating the films in both flat and vertical openings, the FireTV Stick demonstrated the motion pictures in a camera-move kind of mold, experiencing which I found somewhat dreary.

Strangely, when I asked Alexa to demonstrate me motion pictures by Salman Khan, she showed a rundown loaded with children shows and kid’s shows. Something comparable happened when I requesting that her play motion picture Raazi. Everything considered, either Alexa was playing traps on me or she was confounded, in which I would state, Amazon still has opportunity to get better.

Past this, Alexa worked impeccably, regardless of whether I requesting that her play melodies by Shammi Kapoor- – constantly prepared to depression to Baar Dekho- – or to search for climate refreshes. I additionally asked Alexa to reveal to me jokes, demonstrate to me my day by day news updates and book a Uber taxi, similar to I typically do on my Echo Dot keen speaker, and she obliged instantly.

I had a comparable decent ordeal when I matched the FireTV Stick 4K with my Echo Dot brilliant speaker and jettisoned the remote. With the savvy speaker, I could control the TV.

“”Alexa gives you a chance to do as such substantially more on your TV, and it gives you a chance to do everything easily. When associated with a TV, the FireTV Stick 4K with Alexa Remote turns into a kind of center point around which you can construct your advanced world””

To the extent seeing the 4K content is concerned, the FireTV Stick 4K does it well. Be that as it may, everything boils down to a certain something – the speed offered by your home Wi-Fi. When I approached Alexa to look for 4K titles, she did as such in a jiffy. Be that as it may, when I had a go at playing an Amazon Prime unique – Homecoming including Julia Roberts- – and the FireTV Stick played the show just in HD video quality. Honestly, Homecoming is accessible in 4K quality. Be that as it may, my Wi-Fi speed denied me from review the show in its full greatness.

The one place where Alexa vacillates on the FireTV Stick is YouTube. Or then again rather the absence of YouTube. You can ask Alexa to open YouTube yet past that it offers no help, all as a result of the negligible contention among Amazon and Google. This doesn’t imply that you can’t watch recordings on YouTube. However, you should take a more drawn out course and type what you are searching for in YouTube’s hunt bar to watch the video. Essentially, you should utilize a program on the savvy TV.

Is FireTV Stick 4K worth purchasing?

I trust truly, and especially a conclusive YES on the off chance that you have a rapid web association accessible at your home. Say for instance, on the off chance that you have a 100mbps association at home, odds are that you will have the capacity to make full utilization of the 4K and HDR usefulness in the new FireTV Stick.

In any case, regardless of whether you have a slower arrange or a TV that doesn’t bolster 4K goals or HDR picture quality, the expansion of Alexa to the FireTV Stick 4K implies it is a decent alternative for you to get into Amazon’s reality. Alexa gives you a chance to do as such significantly more on your TV, and it gives you a chance to do everything easily. When associated with a TV, the FireTV Stick 4K with Alexa Remote turns into a kind of center point around which you can manufacture your advanced world. You can combine a speaker or two to the entire set-up, you can transform the TV into a gadget that doesn’t just show you motion pictures or TV appears at visit direction yet in addition tells whether of the day. Presently, not every person needs this usefulness. Be that as it may, in the event that you are out in the market for a shrewd TV stick, the adaptability of the new FireTV Stick 4K, and its future-prepared nature because of the help for advancements like HDR+, make it the best choice for you, particularly considering the way that it offers every one of the smarts of Alexa and those future-prepared innovations for not as much as Rs 6,000.


  • Reverberate speaker network
  • Keen Alexa
  • general remote


  • No YouTube
  • Exhausting structure

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