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Top 9 Color Laser Printers Reviews of 2017 | Video Review

Color Laser Printer reviews for 2017. 10 best budget printers 2016 : Best Color Laser Printer reviews you can buy. HP Color Laser color laser printer reviews

The best color laser printer reviews wrench out sharp content and great quality designs and photographs at rapid. We contemplate the best master and client audits to locate the top-performing color laser printers for occupied workplaces – and spending plan neighborly color laser printers for individual and home-office utilize, as well.

Best color laser printer reviews 2017: Color Laser Printer reviews

Best color laser printer reviews

Color Laser Printer reviews : HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dw

It’s elusive a shortcoming with the HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dw. Sensibly estimated, quick, remarkable looking printouts – this color laser printer awes specialists and proprietors alike. Worked for business, the M452dw has a duplexer for programmed two-sided printing, full systems administration capacities (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, versatile and cloud printing) and liberal paper plate. With its 4,000-page-per-month suggested obligation cycle, the M452dw effortlessly handles the color print heaps of a little to fair size office.

Last update was on: November 23, 2018 8:18 pm
Best heavy duty color laser printer review

Color Laser Printer reviews: HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553dn

While it may be pointless excess for home utilize, blasting rate, pretty printouts and sensible running costs make the HP LaserJet Enterprise M553dn a simple pick for occupied workplaces. This workhorse color laser printer gloats a duplexer and 550-sheet paper drawer in addition to 100-sheet plate, and it would crank be able to out up to 6,000 pages each month. It incorporates Ethernet organizing just, however Wi-Fi can be included as an alternative and you would print be able to remotely from your cell phone or tablet.

Best cheap color laser printer review

Color Laser Printer reviews : Brother HL-3170CDW

Color Laser Printer reviews

The Brother HL-3170CDW is a significant deal: Despite its moderately low value, it’s substantial obligation enough for a little office. It has wired and remote systems administration, a duplexer, energetic print speed, a heavy 250-sheet fundamental paper plate and a hearty 1,500-page suggested month to month yield – pretty much everything a little office needs. It would print be able to straightforwardly from cell phones and tablets, and printouts look proficient. On the off chance that you print 50 pages for each day or somewhere in the vicinity, surveys say this is all the printer you require.

Color laser printers versus inkjet printers:

Which would it be advisable for you to pick?

Color laser printers – once luxuriously costly behemoths, discovered just in huge corporate workplaces – are presently sufficiently little and sufficiently shoddy for independent companies, home organizations and notwithstanding for individual utilize. You would pay be able to as meager as $165 for a fundamental color laser printer, or up to $650 for one that is sufficiently powerful for a corporate setting.

In any case, why purchase a color laser printer by any stretch of the imagination? Why does it matter if it’s a laser printer or inkjet?

Color laser printers = zero ink bothers. This is a biggie. Proprietors who have battled with inkjets for quite a long time – continually supplanting ink cartridges, untidy ink releases, inefficient ink “support cycles,” obstructed print heads, ink that costs more per ounce than Chanel No. 5 – compose thankfully shining surveys of their refreshingly inconvenience free color laser printers.

Color Laser Printer reviews

Color laser printers don’t rebuff you for taking half a month off. Inkjet printers need to print color records consistently – at any rate once every couple of days is best – or you’ll chance stopped up ink cartridges and destroyed print heads that essentially can’t be settled. Regularly, supplanting these costs more than supplanting the entire printer, so your printer is viably bricked. On the off chance that you just print sometimes, a color laser printer will hold up quietly and work impeccably at whatever point you require it.

Color laser printers work quicker. Some top of the line inkjets would print be able to content nearly as quick as a laser printer. Be that as it may, by and large, laser printers overwhelm inkjets – particularly in color.

Color Laser Printer reviews

Color laser printers for the most part print crisper, more expert looking content and designs. Some first class inkjet printers create similarly cleaned pages – however even shoddy color laser printers do this easily.

Inkjet printers print much better photographs. Hands-down, in the event that you need to print photographs that really look like genuine photograph prints, you’ll need an inkjet. Color laser printers that can fulfill this are few and far between. Their photographs search fine for inner business reports, however.

Color Laser Printer reviews

Inkjet printers frequently cost less in advance. In any case, ink for the most part costs more than color toner after some time, so the cost levels out as time goes on.

In the event that you don’t know that a color laser printer is ideal for your requirements, we cover inkjet printers, highly contrasting (monochrome) laser printers and across the board printers (with duplicate, output and fax capacities) in independent reports. In any case, on the off chance that you trust that a color laser printer is exactly what the specialist requested, it’s an ideal opportunity to locate the correct one.

Color Laser Printer reviews

Given the wide value range and abilities of color laser printers as of now accessible, exploring the choices can be an overwhelming undertaking – however that is the place we come in. ConsumerSearch investigates proficient surveys from sources, for example,,, and somewhere else, alongside proprietor audits posted at, and different retailers, to locate the top decisions for any circumstance or spending plan. We consider modest color laser printers that are perfect for home or little office use, and also high-volume, excellent workhorses most appropriate for expansive corporate settings. We assess color laser printers in light of how well they perform generally, their elements and outline, their working expenses, and how well they are probably going to hold up as time goes on.

Best color laser printers: Fleet-footed workhorses for enormous (or little) workplaces

Striking the ideal harmony amongst cost and execution, the HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dw (Est. $300) is specialists’ most loved color laser printer generally. Truth be told,’s extreme analyzer finds no shortcomings. The print speed is “noteworthy,” M. David Stone says. He times it at 9.8 pages for every moment (ppm) for blended office records (PDFs, spreadsheets, PowerPoint freebees, and so forth.); so does Content just pages zoom along at 15 ppm in another test.

Delightful illustrations? Check. “Among the best I’ve seen on our tests for a color laser,” Stone says. “Effortlessly sufficient for showcasing materials like tri-crease handouts.”

Color Laser Printer reviews

Liberal paper limit, a duplexer and full systems administration highlights (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, versatile and cloud printing) make this “little office workhorse” Stone’s Editors’ Choice. A 250-sheet input plate for up to lawful size paper, 150-sheet yield plate and 50-sheet multipurpose plate come standard; you would add be able to an additional 550-sheet input plate for $150. A color touch screen controls the printer, and a stroll up USB port permits moment printing from a thumb drive. The HP M452dw conveys a one-year guarantee.

Print quality is on the correct side of good. Content looks extraordinary in tests. Albeit Stone says other color laser printers improve, “the length of you don’t have an uncommon requirement for little textual styles, you shouldn’t have an issue with the yield.” Photos don’t look inkjet-perfect – however close. “Photographs were about genuine photograph quality,” Stone says, albeit another test source rates them just “Reasonable.”

Color Laser Printer reviews concurs: “We don’t discovered anything to grumble about with this present printer’s yield,” William Harrel says. In any case, on the off chance that you print a ton, the toner can get costly. HP says the M452dw can serenely produce 4,000 pages for each month, yet Harrel does the math and says that on the off chance that you print more than 3,000 pages for every month, you’ll presumably spare cash by venturing up to a heavier-obligation printer with a lower cost for every page.

In the event that you do have a requirement for a significantly more vigorous printer, the quick, capable HP LaserJet Enterprise M553dn (Est. $630) takes initially prize in that classification. It muscles through print employments easily, whipping out 12.2 ppm of blended office records at Printouts look noteworthy. Indeed, even photographs truly look like photographs, says PCMag’s Tony Hoffman, who wouldn’t delay to hand them “to customers or partners you are trying to inspire.”

Color Laser Printer reviews

Workhorse laser printer highlights incorporate a programmed duplexer, huge paper limit (an entire 550-sheet paper drawer in addition to 100-sheet multipurpose plate and 250-sheet yield plate; if that is insufficient, you would add be able to up to three additional 550-sheet input plate at a cost of $300 each) and a substantial obligation prescribed month to month obligation cycle of up to 6,000 pages. Toner costs are “sensibly low,” Hoffman says, at 1.7 pennies for every high contrast page and 10.9 pennies for color. The M553dn conveys a one-year, next-business day on location guarantee.

To the extent organizing goes, wired Ethernet is implicit, however HP charges $150 additional for a Wi-Fi dongle to transform the M553dn into a genuine remote printer (despite the fact that you would print be able to remotely from your cell phone or tablet). There’s additionally no stroll up USB port. Rather than a touch screen, a keypad and four-line color show control the printer.

Both of these HP printers gain similarly high checks from proprietors. Primary concern? Pick the one that suits your printing needs (littler or bigger), and you can’t turn out badly.

Sibling printers offers shake strong dependability

Color Laser Printer reviews

For seven straight years, Brother printers have won the Readers’ Choice honor at for their strong dependability and client bolster – and that is one motivation behind why the Brother HL-L8350CDW (Est. $330) is very much respected by proprietors at each retail site we checked. likes it, as well, evaluating it “Useful for Business.” It’s in an indistinguishable class from the Best Reviewed HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dw. Both are measured for occupied private ventures. The Brother runs slower (6.6 ppm of blended office records in’s test, versus 9.8 for the HP), yet with the very same paper plate and month to month obligation cycle. Printouts look similarly great, with “close typesetter-quality content and incredible looking business designs,” Harrel says. There’s no touch screen, however the Brother has a stroll up USB port. It in like manner conveys a 1-year guarantee, in addition to free telephone bolster for the life of the printer.

Color Laser Printer reviews

On the drawback, the Brother is estimated somewhat higher than the HP. Still, a lot of clients say Brother’s undaunted unwavering quality and support are justified, despite all the trouble, and frequently accessible refunds and rebates can limit or dispense with any estimating contrasts.

GST: Laptops, desktops to end up noticeably costlier with section in 18% piece

Portable workstations and desktops are set to wind up dearer when GST becomes effective, making the business, which has been contending for a lower rate of assessment to help support the Digital India drive, to raise worry about the new rates.

The GST Council has settled the rate on portable PCs and desktops at 18 per cent, contrasted and the present impose of 14-15 per cent. Related items, for example, screens and printers will be saddled at 28 per cent.

With GST Single-Function Printers to Cost Less however MFPs to Cost More

Printer showcase in the nation is confronting a considerable measure of headwinds because of the computerized drive in associations. The administration’s turn to update GST rates has cut down the costs of single-work printers however expanded the costs of multifunction printers in the nation. Prior the GST Council had set the GST at 28 % on a wide range of printers. Be that as it may, it modified the rates for single capacity printers bringing down the GST to 18%.

It is trusted that the offer of single capacity printers may go up after this comes essentially. In any case, it is not all that simple to evaluate at the present time, given the way that the offer of single capacity printers have been always going down for over numerous years now. Be that as it may, the new GST administration may additionally give a hit to multifunction printers. MFPs are the main fragment that has gone up. Players, for example, HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung, Ricoh, Xerox and Panasonic, among others may confront headwinds if the costs stay past the buyer desires.

Color Laser Printer reviews

The sixteenth meeting of Council driven by Finance Minister Arun Jiatley closed on eleventh June where rates of 66 things were reconsidered. The Goods and Services Tax will happen by first July 2017. The vast majority of the things have been recorded under four wide assessment chunk 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%.

Things like camera, printed circuits, speakers and screens, printers (other than multi work printers), electrical transformer, CCTV, optical fiber are valued at 18% assessment under GST. This may expand the offers of single practical printers in the nation. In spite of the fact that the multi-practical printers will keep on remaining costly. The printer showcase in India has developed massively over the most recent couple of years.

IT equipment costs to ascend at proposed 28% GST rate: Industry

The business body has said that there is an equivocalness as for the rate of GST on printers

IT equipment firms have asked the legislature that uniform GST rate of 18 per cent ought to be connected on IT items, similar to screens and printers, rather than 28 per cent proposed for a few things, which will make them costly.

The IT equipment industry body MAIT has additionally looked for clearness from the legislature on two rates of proposed for printers under merchandise and enterprises assess (GST), and requested that IT items ought to be secured under lower chunk of 18 per cent, which is nearer to the present expense levels forced on them.

“It is suggested that the rundown of IT products as given in the Information Technology Agreement…To which India is a signatory be liable to GST at the rate of 18 percent. This will likewise guarantee that the point of the administration of advanced India is accomplished as GST at the rate of 28 per cent will make IT items costly to the end client,” Manufacturers Association for Information Technology (MAIT) said in an announcement.

Color Laser Printer reviews

At introduce, up to 18.5 per cent obligation is demanded on screens and projectors. These things are additionally imperative part of personal PCs on which 18 per cent GST rate will be required.

Be that as it may, the legislature under GST administration, to be viable from July 1, has proposed obligation of 28 per cent on screens and projectors.

Additionally, rate of GST on other IT embellishments, for example, LAN and information link has proposed at 28 per cent, while up to 17.5 per cent obligation is exacted on them at exhibit. This incorporates 12.5 per cent countervailing obligation and 5 per cent VAT.

“The Finance Ministry promptly needs to elucidate inconsistency in assess pieces in printers, projector and printers. These things alongside IT embellishments as Data link by and large shape vital piece of ‘Advanced India’ and they ought to be exhausted at 18 per cent to make Digital India fruitful,” MAIT President Nitin Kunkolienker said.

The business body has said that there is an equivocalness concerning the rate of GST on printers.

The administration has proposed 18 per cent GST rate on printing apparatus utilized for printing by methods for plates, chambers and other printing segments of heading, different printers, replicating machines and copy machines, regardless of whether joined, parts and adornments.

While on printer, photograph duplicating, fax machines, ink cartridges it has proposed to exact 28 per cent GST rather than 18 per cent obligation, which is near the present level of aggregate expense forced on them.

“As per the present duty standards, the assessments on printers are near 18 per cent. Be that as it may, there is vagueness in the new expense sections reported by GST chamber as printers figure both in 18 and 28 per cent pieces.

Thus, we ask for elucidation on the expense sections and would encourage the legislature to keep the duty at 18 per cent in accordance with the current structure,” HP India Senior Director for Printing Systems, Raj Kumar Rishi said.

Cheaper or Costlier? This is How GST Will Affect Your Everyday Life

On the off chance that you have been pondering about how GST will influence your regular day to day existence, here is a snappy clarification about how this expense enactment will affect the costs of products and enterprises.

Color Laser Printer reviews

Since August 2016, when the 122nd Amendment (GST Constitutional Bill) was passed by the Rajya Sabha, India has been get ready to change the way it pays charges. The new law, which is charged as free India’s greatest change activity, is relied upon to enhance consistence rates, increment government income and make a typical national market by combining a web of neighborhood and central assessments into a solitary collect.

Notwithstanding, while the quite anticipated GST administration gets itself one bit nearer to reality (the proposed date for GST usage is July 1, 2017), the hypotheses and complex wording around this mind boggling charge change have left subjects stressed over what it implies for their pockets.

So in the event that you have been pondering about how GST will influence your regular day to day existence, here is a snappy clarification about how this assessment enactment will affect the costs of merchandise and ventures.

More or less, GST seems, by all accounts, to be a blended sack with specific necessities getting cheaper, while the others are probably going to aggravate family unit spending plans by getting more costly. Additionally, the GST rates will rely upon whether the ware is utilized by a rich person or a typical man, with the proposed rates being: 5%,12%, 18%, 28% (+luxury cess).

Color Laser Printer reviews

Note: There won’t be any duty (0% impose) on very nearly 50 % of things in the Consumer Price Index wicker bin, including nourishment grains, eggs, meat, drain, curd, salt, bread, natural products, vegetables, basic solutions, prasad, stamps, legal papers, printed books, newspapers, bangles, silk and jute materials and so on.

Administrations like religious/journey voyages, Haj yatra, metro travel, training and social insurance will likewise not be burdened. Uplifting news for voyagers as inns with levy beneath Rs 1,000 have likewise been exempted from GST.

Things that may end up plainly cheaper:

  1. Fans, air coolers, lighting, water radiators, PC screens, printers and other section level electronic things
  2. FMCG merchandise, for example, cleansers, hair oil, toothpastes, over-the-counter medications and so on
  3. Pharma items, Insulin
  4. Prepared nourishment things, Biscuits
  5. Instant garments, including marked clothing ( up to Rs 1,000)
  6. Footwear (those evaluated underneath Rs 500 will draw in 5 % and those estimated above Rs 500 will be exhausted at 18 %)
  7. Motion picture tickets valued up to ₹100 (will be saddled at 18%)
  8. Bikes
  9. Bond, paint and other development material
  10. Sun based boards, Point of Sale (PoS) machines and unique mark scanners
  11. Economy class airfares
  12. Spending inns and eateries (Currently, 22 % is collected on lodgings and eateries)
  13. Taxicab rides (Currently, the powerful rate of administration impose is 6 % which will get diminished to 5 %)
  14. Lamp oil, coal, residential LPG
  15. SUVs and extravagance autos (Currently, they draw in a general rate of over 50 %, which would come down to 43 %)

Reason: For made customer merchandise, the present expense administration implies the shopper pays around 24%-26% more than the cost of creation because of VAT (esteem included assessment) and extract obligation. So with the GST rate anticipated that would be 18% for most products, they are relied upon to end up plainly cheaper.

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