Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder In India 2018 – Reviews & Price Comparison

Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder In India 2018

Taste in Indian nourishment originates from chutney, zesty masala, herbs and extraordinary fixings. In any case, to set up these flavors is a standout amongst the most troublesome assignments and in the event that you don't have the correct instrument to make it

Taste in Indian nourishment originates from chutney, zesty masala, herbs and extraordinary fixings. In any case, to set up these flavors is a standout amongst the most troublesome assignments and in the event that you don’t have the correct instrument to make it. Mixer grinders are a standout amongst other kitchen apparatuses and are available in each Indian kitchen since they are utilized each day to get ready sustenance and are multi-reason gadgets.

Obtaining the best mixer grinder online is certainly not a major ordeal however choosing right one for your kitchen to plan delectable nourishment consistently requires little endeavors. This guide will assist you with understanding the nuts and bolts of acquiring a decent mixer grinder.

Philips HL 7720 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars (Multicolour)

Rs. 4,495
Rs. 3,399
8 new from Rs. 3,399.00
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as of December 5, 2018 2:34 am


  • Power: 750 watts; Operating Voltage 230 volts
  • Warranty 2 Years
  • Includes: Chutney jar (0.5 litre), Main jar (75 litre), Multipurpose jar (0 litre)
  • Mixer has specially designed blades for perfect mixing
  • Click lock for secure mixer jar lock

Bajaj Twister 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars (White)

Rs. 5,599
Rs. 3,400
47 new from Rs. 3,300.00
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as of December 5, 2018 2:34 am


  • This product does not require installation. please contact brand customer care for any product related queires. Customer Service Number: 18001025963
  • Do not worry if you experience some burning smell when you run your mixer grinder for the 1st time .This is due to the motor varnish getting heated for the 1st time. The problem should not recur in subsequent uses. If it does, please contact Brand Service Centre
  • Since your mixer grinder runs on a powerful motor, there will be some noise. If the noise level seems abnormal, please contact Brand Service Centre
  • Powerful motor with 750 watts and 30 minutes rating
  • 1.5 Litre stainless steel liquidising jar

Morphy Richards Primo Classique 750 W Mixer Grinder (Black and Yellow)

Rs. 4,995
Rs. 3,749
19 new from Rs. 3,554.00
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as of December 5, 2018 2:34 am


  • It saves space with an overload protection feature
  • Prevents the motor from burning out or running either when the jar is overloaded
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black and yellow

Panasonic MX-AC555 New 550-Watt Mixer Grinder with 5 Jars (Bronze)

Rs. 7,295
Rs. 5,259
18 new from Rs. 5,259.00
Free shipping
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as of December 5, 2018 2:34 am


  • Do not worry if you experience some burning smell when you run your mixer grinder for the 1st time .This is due to the motor varnish getting heated for the 1st time. The problem should not recur in subsequent uses. If it does, please contact Brand Service Centre
  • Since your mixer grinder runs on a powerful motor, there will be some noise. If the noise level seems abnormal, please contact Brand Service Centre
  • The True 5 Jar Mixer
  • Warranty: 2 Year warranty on products & 5 years on Motor
  • Double safety locking system, The base of a mixer has a lock that will protect the mixer from starting when jar is not fit into the groove properly. The second lock present on the lid also protects the mixers by not starting the motor if lid lock is not in place, this gives you double safety.

Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum MG 139 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Rs. 7,169
Rs. 4,900
26 new from Rs. 4,875.00
Free shipping
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as of December 5, 2018 2:34 am


  • 100 percent stainless steel jars with flow breakers for fine grinding
  • High grade neoprene and delrin couplers for smooth trouble-free operation
  • Clear transparent polycarbonate domes and lids
  • Sturdy ergonomically designed handles
  • Life long free service. Jar contains: Main Jar(1.7 L), Middle Jar (1.2L), Super Extractor (1.5L), Grind n' Store (0.4 L)

*1* Philips HL 1645 Super Silent 750 watt Mixer Grinder Review

The outline looks awesome and hold savvy it is a standout amongst other models. Containers are made of tempered steel of good quality so no pressure of rusting. Containers handle has a decent grasp so you can hold mixer well. This is outstanding amongst other offering item on the web. Philips HL 1645 can be the best mixer grinder decision for your kitchen in light of its ubiquity, highlights and solidness.


  • Super quiet mixer with insignificant sound, so no more commotion all the more blending and get ready incredible nourishment.
  • Accompanies 750-watt motor giving more power for smooth granulating.
  • Manufacturers with 4 jars for perfect kitchen grinding features. Chutney jar 0.5L, wet grinding jar 1.5L, multi-purpose jar 1.25L, blender capacity jar 1.5L. These 4 jars are perfect for any kitchen job.
  • Tempered steel sharp edges for better smooth crushing and blending.
  • Auto-stop to avoid over-burden on the motor and keep the machine.
  • Accompanies 2 Year producer warranty which is incredible so no pressure till 2 years.

*2* Bajaj rex 500 watt | Bestseller in the market

Bajaj mixer grinder is one of the hot offering item in the market with modest cost and great quality its value for the money. It is flexible in nature you can simply do anything with it crush flavors at home, stir nuts cashews, whip fluid make juice and so on. Bajaj Rex accompanies 3 jugs made of tempered steel body and honed sharp edges to give smooth chutney. It accompanies 500-watt motor

appropriate for the vast majority of your kitchen undertakings.

We should investigate a portion of the highlights of Bajaj rex 500 and discover why it is so mainstream among Indians.


  • 3 sturdy stainless steel jars for liquidizing, wet/dry grinding and chutney making. Jars have good handles making a strong grip hold. Jar Capacity 1.25 Litre liquidizing jar, 1 Litre multi-purpose jar, 0.3 Litre chutney jar.
  • 500-watt motor ground-breaking enough to effortlessly deal with your every day kitchen errand easily.
  • Auto-stop which shields the motor from over-burden amid electric deficiencies.
  • 3-speed controller to gives you control over pounding and blending in various modes.
  • 1-year maker warranty from the organization will deal with any sort of dis-working in the mixer.

*3* Morphy Richards Superb 500 Mixer Grinder Review

It is extraordinary compared to other brands for kitchen items makes life simple for housewives. The nature of Morphy Richard sublime is extraordinary. The high caliber of stainless steel jugs with great handles for tight grasp makes it simple to utilize. Cutting edges are incredible quality and containers fits well in the mixer. Philips Mixer grinders are dependably of best quality and they deal with their clients.

A portion of the immense highlights of Morphy Richards magnificent.


  • 3 hardened stainless steel blades for multiple kitchen functions. Jar capacity Liquidizing Jar (1.5 litres), Wet/Dry Grinding Jar (1 litre) and Chutney Jar (0.4 litres) which can be used for any kind of kitchen task.
  • 500-watt motor
  • Auto-stop to keep the motor from over-burdening.
  • 2 years maker warranty.
  • #4 Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

*5* Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

Panasonic made a decent passage into the market with its kitchen machines to help individuals in day by day life. It is fitted with 550 watts motor sufficiently great to do any errand in your kitchen. Panasonic mx-air conditioning 400 accompanies 4 containers which can be utilized for any sort of blending and dry/wet granulating. You can separate foods grown from the ground juice, mice meat, mix shakes, granulate dry flavors, make glue and so forth.

Panasonic is a confided in brand and you can trust with their item so you can choose this as the best mixer grinder.

How about we investigate a portion of the highlights of Panasonic MX-AC 400.


  • 550 watt powered motor for rock solid kitchen undertakings.
  • 4 jars with capacity 1L blender, 650ml juicer jar, mill jar and 200ml chutney jar. Juicer jar is made of strong polycarbonate material to give a good finish.
  • Fitted with samurai edges to perform blending and pounding easily.
  • One of a kind interlocking highlights with a twofold bolting instrument to warranty jugs are bolted firmly.
  • 2-year producer warranty for the machine and 5 years warranty on motor. That is great at the cost offered you don’t have to stress over repairs once you buy it.

*5* Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum 750 Mixer Grinder Review

Preethi makes great quality items and the plan of this mixer grinder offered is incredible. Shading blend and simple to utilize highlights make it mainstream among individuals. Controlled by a 750-watt motor to give you smoother granulating and blending. They offer 4 jugs and compartments for simple crushing of flavors and separating juice effortlessly.

How about we investigate a portion of the highlights of Preethi blue leaf Platinum.


Intense 750 watts more with additional crude power for better granulating.

  • 4 Jars with sturdy ergonomically designed handles. Jars quantity 1.7L jar, 1.25L jar, 1.5L super extractor jar, 0.4L grind, and store jar with big and small bottles.
  • 2 long stretches of maker ensure.
  • Auto cut-off features to prevent the motor from overloading.

This is the best offer for a decent kitchen mixer grinder on the off chance that you are looking something solid you can take a gander at Preethi mixer grinder also.

These were top 5 prescribed best mixer grinder display in the market which is prevalent among Indian customers. You can pick any of them or you can run with one of your own decisions. Mixers and grinders are an essential machine for the kitchen as it will influence your nourishment arrangement to assignment simple and quick.

You will have the capacity to serve delicious nourishment and dishes to relatives and relatives, mixer grinders are an unquestionable requirement pick for housewives go get one for yourself or blessing somebody.

## How to Maintain mixer grinder effortlessly?

In the wake of utilizing mixi they turn out to be exceptionally grimy and it ends up hard to clean them with straightforward water, in some cases particles stuck in the middle of cutting edges. You should clean sharp edges so they don’t stall out and get rust on them effortlessly and your mixer will work for longer time. Here are a few hints to clean your mixer effectively in the event that you take after these basic advances.

  • Clean it soon after utilizing containers with the goal that mixer stay clean constantly.
  • In the event that mixer gets excessively grimy first clean with water. At that point pour some normal salt blended with water and begin mixer for 2-3 minutes it will clean cutting edges. You can likewise utilize washing powder or some other washing fluid or gel this will expel soil and jug won’t deliver a horrendous scent.
  • Mixer grinder base can be effortlessly cleaned with material, make sure to clean the surface base where the container is fitted, gets more soil. So legitimately clean it with brush or cotton material and keep mixer turned off.

## Why you require a mixer grinder?

We as a whole know the significance of mixer grinders in kitchen and nourishment planning. Each housewife has some fundamental prerequisites to get ready nourishment and Mixer grinder turns out to be extremely convenient in the kitchen.

Mixer and grinders are Multi-reason and they are utilized for different purposes like making chutney, blending daal, pounding numerous fixings, Making a glue, granulating hard nourishment things like nuts and so forth. Read about mixer grinder, dry wet granulating on Wikipedia.

  • Gets ready sustenance quick.
  • Used to influence milkshakes, to frozen yogurts and whip numerous other fluid things.
  • Cleave and granulate hard nourishment things like nuts, cashews, meats.
  • To make assortments of chutney like green cold, mint sauce, tomato chutney and some other sort of chutney.
  • Make flavors of various types.
  • Simple to utilize and keep up.
  • Multi-reason can be utilized to granulate, blend and hack any sort of sustenance fixing we can consider.

## How to choose the best mixer grinder online for your kitchen?

Choosing the best mixer grinder isn’t troublesome however acquiring right one with low cost and incredible highlights is a decent arrangement. Before you influence a buy to peruse these essential highlights that you should look in a mixer grinder. These 9 stages will without a doubt assist you with selecting best one as indicated by your kitchen necessities.

**Power of motor :-

It is a standout amongst the most critical area which should be considered while choosing mixer grinder for a kitchen. This is estimated regarding watts which gives turning capacity to motor fitted inside grinder and help cutting edges to run easily.

Smooth Grinding and cleaving of hard fixings isn’t conceivable with low powered grinders. Grinders accompany an motor having a limit scope of 500 – 1000 watts.

The best mixer grinder ought to have no less than 500 watts of capacity to do the essential elements of the kitchen.

Higher the intensity of an motor, higher will be its power utilization however our attention ought to be on smooth working of mixi with the goal that nourishment is set up of extraordinary quality.

On a normal, the 500-watt mixer is perfect for every day home use since it performs well for customary kitchen utilize.

**No. of jugs:-

Everything is prepared inside a jug and diverse sorts of container come helpful with various kinds of blending and pounding occupations. For the most part, kitchen undertaking includes dry/wet pounding and mixing for these 3 containers are adequate. Containers are sorted in light of the limit and cutting edges which fill diverse needs of blending and crushing.

  • There are 3 sorts of jugs that by and large accompany mixi and every ha an alternate particular.
  • Chutney shake – littler in the size exceptionally used to make diverse kinds of chutney and glue.
  • Wet pounding container – Largest in measure, for the most part utilized for crushing flavors.
  • Multi-reason jostle – Can be utilized for any design be it wet granulating or blending, mix shakes, mince meat and so on.

**Blades of containers:-

Sharp edges assume an essential part and diverse jugs are fitted with various edges. Jugs ought to be fitted with treated steel edges since steel is impervious to rust and is difficult to give smooth pounding.

Chutney jar is fitted with the littlest sharp edge to improve fine particles and glue. A Large jug like crushing container and multi-reason jostle nearly have indistinguishable cutting edges yet greater than a chutney jolt.

**Locking system:-

In mixi if Jar isn’t legitimately bolted with the base of the mixer at that point issues come like the main container would not work, you need to hold it with tight hands and spillage could happen from the jug. Locking is an absolute necessity highlight to check before making a buy. Nowadays mixer accompanies twofold bolting highlight.

**Auto stop:-

This comes helpful if the motor gets excessively stack and can’t pound then mixer stops naturally. In the event that auto stop won’t occur then the motor will get melded because of an additional heap connected on it and your mixer will quit working.

Now and again Auto close off additionally occurs on account of electric blames and up down of voltage.


We as a whole abhor clamor delivered while utilizing mixi however this is regular sound will come when we blend or crush something. This clamor can be decreased by utilizing best material and procedures in mixer grinders, in light of this you ought to think about acquiring a marked mixer. The best mixer grinder ought to have most reduced commotion conceivable.

  • There are sure purposes behind this commotion delivered by a mixer grinder.
  • Edges are not smooth or mixer is exceptionally old.
  • Jug isn’t appropriately fit on the base of a mixer.
  • The jug cover isn’t firmly shut.
  • Mixer from great brands like Philips, Morphy Richards, Bajaj, and Panasonic create impressively less commotion.

**Speed controller

Best Mixer Grinders are fitted with the speed controller to control the intensity of crushing and blending. There are for the most part 3-4 stages to control speed. It offers capacity to pounding process when you have to cleave hard flavors into better particles. Lower control is utilized for wet granulating reason to make a smooth glue. This spares power and expands machine life.


You should take a gander at guarantee terms from the organization, you won’t prefer to buy a machine and after that compensation for any issues later. Generally, mixer grinders accompany 1-year producer guarantee yet a few organizations are giving 2 years guarantee like Philips, Morphy Richards, Panasonic, and Preethi.

**Reviews and Rating:-

Before making a buy it is constantly great to get notification from clients online who are utilizing those items. These individuals share their genuine experience whether they are great or terrible about any items.

To choose the best mixer grinder for your kitchen take a gander at rating 4 or above. Try not to peruse an excessive number of surveys as this will confound you in light of the fact that each item has a few deformities which are settled by the organization more often than not.

Continuously run with Branded items since they give great after-deals support and better nature of items. A portion of the Best mixer grinders brands to look.

  • Philips
  • Morphy Richards
  • Panasonic
  • Bajaj
  • Preethi
  • Notoriety
  • Kenstar
  • Maharaja Whiteline




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