Top 5 2D Barcode Scanners that you should buy

2D scanner tags are gradually coming into the standard of things and it is simply an issue of time before they supplant the occupant 1D standardized identifications.

Everybody familiar with innovation will in any event have seen 2D scanner tags in their everyday activities, intentionally or unwittingly. The focal points that join changing to a 2D framework are enormous however there a couple of detours right now as well. In this way, it winds up common that everybody will take a gander at all angles previously settling on a cognizant choice.

Notwithstanding, because of the ocean of data out there, it is anything but difficult to get lost. In this way, here is a piece to decrease all that shaper and give you the best 5 2D standardized tag scanner. You will locate the diverse sorts of scanners and standardized tags. And furthermore, the strategy of how does 2D standardized tag scanner function.

Honeywell 1450G2D-2USB Voyager 1450g Corded Area Imaging Scanner for 2D Barcode, Gun Shaped, Omni-Directional, USB Kit, Type A 1.5M Straight Cable, Black

Rs. 29,999
Rs. 22,067
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as of December 15, 2018 3:11 pm

Honeywell 1450G2D-2 Voyager 2D Area-Imaging Scanner, Must Order Cable Separately, 1450 g, Black

Rs. 20,245
Rs. 14,327
1 new from Rs. 14,327.00
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as of December 15, 2018 3:11 pm


  • Mobile phone reading: scans coupons, mobile tickets and Digital wallets from the screens of mobile devices
  • Flexible licensing solution: Meets diverse scanning requirements by offering models with Basic functionality, with software licenses enabling additional functionality as needs evolve
  • Reliable data collection: offers omnidirectional reading of virtually all linear bar codes and the most widely used 2D bar codes, including poor and mobile bar codes

Honeywell 1450g2D-2USB-1 Voyager 1450g 2D Imager Handheld Barcode Scanner

Rs. 13,500
Rs. 9,500
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as of December 15, 2018 3:11 pm


  • Offers omnidirectional reading of virtually all linear bar codes
  • Allowing enterprises to meet their current and future bar code scanning needs with a single device
  • Meets diverse scanning requirements by offering models with basic functionality, purchase software licenses to enable additional functionality as the need arises

Pegasus PS3117 2D Imager QR Barcode Scanner

Rs. 12,500
Rs. 4,999
1 new from Rs. 4,999.00
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as of December 15, 2018 3:11 pm


  • Read 1D/2D QR Barcode
  • Read from Mobile Screen
  • USB Interface

Zebra Symbol DS-4308 2D Barcode Scanner

Rs. 23,335
Rs. 13,999
4 new from Rs. 13,999.00
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as of December 15, 2018 3:11 pm


  • PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology for next generation performance which resets the bar for 2D imaging by improving decode performance and snappiness, dramatically improving the user experience, user productivity, throughput and wait times.
  • Megapixel sensor Scans any barcode on any medium 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes printed on paper labels or displayed on mobile devices or computer screens. And it delivers the resolution required for longer-distance scanning, clear photos, sharp signatures and more accurate OCR data.
  • Largest 'sweet spot' for can't-miss scanning with a decode range that allows users to scan any barcode type at any density nearer and farther than any other scanners in its class, scanning is truly second nature users just point and shoot.
  • Smart auto-host detect cables automatically determine which interface is attached, eliminating the need to scan numerous configuration bar codes. Over 90 international keyboards are hosted within the scanner for easy setup, all around the world.
  • 123Scan2 and Scanner Management Service (SMS) work hand-in-hand to reduce management time and cost by automating initial configuration and enabling remote management of your DS4308 scanners.

Generic Wireless Barcode Scanner Blueeeetooth Scanne and 2D QR Reader USB CCD Bar Code Reader for and Inventory

Rs. 3,295
Rs. 2,636
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as of December 15, 2018 3:11 pm


  • New and imported
  • Item type: Office Electronics
  • Product Type:Bar Code ScannerInterface Type:USBOptical Resolution:600dpi,Type:
  • Scan Element Type:LaserScan Speed:180 scans/secondPrecision:4mil
  • Package included : 1x Wireless Barcode Scanner Blueeeetooth Scanne and 2D QR Reader USB CCD Bar Code Reader for and Inventory

NADAMOO 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner (2-in-1 433Mhz Wireless & USB2.0 Wired) 1D QR PDF417 Data Matrix Bar Code Scanner Cordless CMOS Image Barcode Reader for Mobile Payment Computer Screen

Rs. 17,999
Rs. 8,730
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as of December 15, 2018 3:11 pm


  • 2D BARCODE SCANNER: easily capture 2D(QR/ PDF417/ Data Matrix) bar codes on labels, paper, and mobile phone or computer displays
  • CMOS IMAGING SCANNING TECHNOLOGY: with advanced digital image acquisition function,which can identify screen code, Effectively compensate for the problem that scanner can not identify screen code
  • Two connection modes: 433MHz wireless connection and USB2.0 wired connection; In wireless mode, with Mini USB Receiver,delivers up to 400m/ 0.24mi transmission in open space, 100m/328ft transmission indoor. Easily connected with your laptop, PC etc.
  • Two upload mode :Instant upload mode + Storage mode. Internal offline storage supports up to 10,000 barcodes in offline storage mode. Scan and store barcode when far away from the USB receiver, and then batch update the data to your computer later when ready.
  • Trigger Mode: Manual trigger,Auto-sensing,Continuous scanning(do not need to press the button)

NADAMOO 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner with Charging Base For Mobile Payment 1D QR Code 433Mhz Cordless USB Embedded Bar Reader POS System Supermarket Retail Wharehouse

Rs. 35,295
Rs. 24,978
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as of December 15, 2018 3:11 pm


  • 2D BARCODE SCANNER: easily capture all 1D,QR / PDF417/ Data Matrix bar codes on labels, paper, and mobile phone or computer displays
  • CCD IMAGING SCANNING TECHNOLOGY: with advanced digital image acquisition function,Which can identify screen code, incomplete code and fuzzy code etc, Effectively compensate for the problem that scanner can not identify screen code
  • 3 Scan Mode:Manual trigger mode / Auto sensing mode / Coutinuous mode
  • Long distance 433MHz wireless connection for adding mobility. Delivers up to 400meter / 0.25mile transmission away from base station in barrier-free environment,100 meter/ 330 feet transmission in obstacles environment.
  • With convenient wireless inductive charging technology, providing power whenever you put the scanner on the base,

Honeywell Voyager 1452G2D Wireless Area-Imaging Scanner Kit (1D, PDF417, and 2D) , Includes Cradle and USB Cable

Rs. 59,999
Rs. 29,407
3 new from Rs. 29,407.00
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as of December 15, 2018 3:11 pm


  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology: Facilitates scanning of all standard 1D, PDF, and 2D bar codes up to 10 meters (33 feet) from the base (depending on the environment).
  • Future Proof: For those who only require 1D scanning now but anticipate 2D scanning in the future, the Voyager 1452g can be affordably upgraded from 1D to 2D scanning at any time.
  • Mobile Phone Reading: Scans coupons, mobile tickets and digital wallets from the screens of mobile devices.
  • Long Battery Life & Tool-Free Battery Removal: Field-replaceable lithium ion battery provides 14 hours or more of use, depending on scanning volume.
  • Flexible Licensing Solution: Meets diverse scanning requirements by offering models with basic functionality, with software licenses enabling additional functionality as needs evolve.

Honeywell Voyager 1452G2D Wireless Area-Imaging Scanner Kit (1D, PDF417, and 2D) , Includes Cradle and USB Cable

Rs. 20,999
Rs. 17,499
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as of December 15, 2018 3:11 pm


  • USB Kit: Omni-Directional, 1D, PDF, 2D, Black Scanner (1452G2D-2-I)
  • Charge & Communication Base (CCB01-010BT-V7N)
  • USB Type A 3.0M Straight Cable (CBL-500-300-S00), India Only

Zebra Symbol DS2208 SR Corded 2D/1D Handheld Barcode Scanner/Imager with USB Cord

Rs. 19,500
Rs. 11,300
5 new from Rs. 11,233.00
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as of December 15, 2018 3:11 pm


  • Point-and-shoot Scanning Simplicity--- With omni-directional scanning, users never need to line up the imager and the barcode - unlike 1D scanners. Workers can scan barcodes across a wide range (0.5 in./1.23 cm to 14.5 in./36.8 cm), improving checkout speed and reducing training time.
  • Pre-configured and Ready to Use, Right Out of the Box---Since the default settings are optimized for the majority of scanning applications, you can use the DS2200 Series imager the moment you take it out of the box - no configuration required. Just plug the DS2208-SR into your Point of Sale (POS) and the auto-host detect cables will automatically identify the interface and connect the imager, simplifying and reducing setup time.
  • Patent Pending Technology for the Most Intuitive Aiming---The aim line is similar to the 1D scanners you have today, providing your associates with a familiar experience. Additionally, the aim line guides users to scan at the ideal distance from the barcode- especially helpful when capturing wide barcodes.

This article is loaded with valuable data like why 2D standardized tag scanner is the need of great importance, what is the distinction somewhere in the range of 1D and 2D scanner tag scanner. There are couple of things to be considered before purchasing a standardized tag scanner.

Why 2D Barcode Scanners Are Needed?

The principal thing that each shopper or entrepreneur who is right now utilizing 1D standardized tags and scanners would ask is, the reason they have to change from their present framework and embrace the qr 2D scanner tags and scanners. This characteristic inquiry has an assortment of pertinent answers.

In the cutting edge world, there is an expanding measure of data that is being bolstered into innovative frameworks and it is just regularly going to increment. So the principle issue with 1D standardized identifications is the measure of data that they can store.

2D codes utilize a scope of characters, boxes, shapes and so on to store data instead of a 1D code, which just uses lines. This why 2D codes can store an immense piece of information.

Notwithstanding the measure of data that 2D codes can hold, the assortment of data likewise changes a great deal. Because of the idea of the code, they can likewise store paired data as pictures, voice notes, web-joins and so forth instead of the alpha-numeric information that 1D codes store.

This assumes an imperative job in the present day and empowers simple trade of essential messages and information as standardized tags, adding another new use to scanner tags.

The last yet certainly not the slightest motivation behind why individuals should turn towards 2D standardized tags and scanners these days is the cost factor. The costs of both 2D scanners and additionally that of 1D scanners are nearly in a similar range today, which was not the situation, only a couple of years back.

Additionally, all 2D scanners being in dynamic creation nowadays can check 1D codes as well, which makes it a win-win circumstance for a purchaser as they get the most recent innovation at a similar cost with no misfortune in usefulness.

How 2D Barcode Scanners Work?

The working strategy of a 2D standardized identification scanner is fundamentally the same as that of 1D scanners. Both have the illuminator, scanner and decoder to comprehend the codes.

As the names demonstrate, illuminators toss a light emission or laser and catch a picture of the standardized tag. Some 2D scanners simply take a picture like an ordinary camera as well. The picture taken should be handled and checked to bode well. This is the place the scanner comes in. Distinctive Scanners utilize diverse innovations to distinguish the light reflected back or the standardized tag present inside the picture. The filtered picture is then sent to the decoder which breaks down the picture and removes the data from the standardized identification.

Where the 1D and 2D standardized identification scanners contrast as far as working is principally in the way that scanner tags are planned themselves. 2D standardized identifications from the earliest starting point have been made to enhance the examining pace and exactness. Along these lines, regardless of the sort and details of the 2D scanner, they will dependably be superior to 1D scanners.

Give us a chance to take QR codes for instance, as they are the most across the board 2D scanner tags at present. They are comprised of a blend of squares which frame a square. The squares themselves are numerous in number and together frame the QR code.

The essential square present in each QR code is the discoverer design. This will dependably be the principal obstruct that a 2D standardized tag scanner will take a gander at. It is a variety of squares, which is utilized by the scanner to recognize the size, course and arrangement of a code so that the standardized identification can be broke down from the best possible edge and introduction.

The following square that a 2D scanner would take a gander at, is the arrangement square. It is a set example that enables the scanner to check wheater the standardized tag is harmed or mutilated. Because of the capacity of the scanner to detect these things, even a QR code which has a mistake as blotches and bends can be precisely filtered to give the required data.

Other than the 2D standardized identifications, what impacts the working of a 2D scanner most, is the product utilized inside the scanner. Not at all like in 1D scanners, the product assumes an extremely crucial job in filtering. The higher the cost of the 2D scanner, increasingly refined will be the product introduced. After the scanner examines the picture, the product investigates each moment part of the standardized identification.

The dissecting capacity is down to the product perceiving the distinctive high contrast designs. When the examples are perceived, the scanner can make out which square is for check and arrangement reason and which square contains the genuine information that is required by the client.

This examination additionally helps in getting rid of bends which may make the code muddled. To beat this, 2D scanners make educated estimates like people to accurately perceive the code.

How 2D Barcode Scanners Differ From 1D Barcode Scanners?

  • Use of database

These are the fundamental ones which would most likely be connected to the telephones of everybody. This can be utilized by sprinters and joggers if your MP3 player does not bolster the Bluetooth association or any remote associations. In any case, the primary detriment of wired earphones is the wire. You’d need to run and consume calories instead of investing your energy unwinding the wires from your body.

  • Reading Data and Scan Position

Ordinarily itself, 1D standardized identifications are even and rectangular in nature and that implies the scanners likewise can peruse information which are just level. Some of the time the scanner should be in contact with the standardized identification to get exact outcomes however present day 1D scanner tags can be filtered from a most extreme separation of 24 inches. The sweep position likewise should be constantly upstanding to have the capacity to filter the code legitimately.

Despite what might be expected, 2D scanners can interpret standardized tags vertically and on a level plane, from an extensive separation and at any edge utilizing the arrangement squares.

  • Form Factor

Both 1D and 2D standardized identification scanners arrive in an assortment of shapes and sizes so as to be helpful for various enterprises and organizations. The most well-known frame factor for both is the “weapon” style because of the conveyability that it offers.

In any case, they are likewise accessible in ledge, cordless and mounted shapes for different ventures. The principle distinction these days is the utilization of cell phones for 2D standardized tag filtering due to the non-prerequisite of a database. This is an office that 1D codes don’t offer.

Advantages of 2D Barcode Scanners

  • More noteworthy Efficiency

Because of the utilization of advanced programming and other equipment improvements as of late, the 2D standardized identification scanners are path better in perusing standardized tags alongside exceptionally negligible mistake rates. The speed of examining is likewise high contrasted with 1D standardized tags. Additionally, by utilizing innovation, human mistake can be lessened to the absolute minimum.

  • Greater availability

Dissimilar to a couple of years back, cell phones alongside 2D standardized tag scanners are as broadly accessible nowadays as 1D scanners. The cost of the two kinds is likewise in a similar range nowadays because of innovative progression. At the point when this is the circumstance, it winds up unreasonable to go ahead with an innovation that will be officeholder soon.

  • Greater Mobility

2D standardized tag scanners are progressively getting to be remote machines to encourage simple versatility between different workstations or spots. They can undoubtedly be worked through WiFi, Bluetooth or cell phones. This, alongside the nonattendance of a requirement for a database makes it extremely helpful for individuals who need to move continually inside a major distribution center, industry, and so on.

  • Greater Versatility

Like everything in the cutting edge world, 2D scanner tags don’t have only one occupation. Alongside checking standardized tags, they can likewise store pictures, site joins, application information and so on. They can do every one of these undertakings at the same time as well. Numerous standardized identifications can be filtered in the meantime and from various points too as all 2D scanners are omnidirectional in nature. Likewise, the span of the code can be fluctuated to fit on a specific surface, dissimilar to 1D standardized tags.

1. Zebra Symbol DS2208-The most simple to-utilize standardized tag scanner

Zebra is an organization known for the simple fantastic items that it conveys to the market. It is a backup of the Motorola gathering, which says a lot about the standard of the items advertised. In spite of the fact that it isn’t modest using any and all means and is, truth be told, one of the higher evaluated gadgets on this rundown, it doesn’t hold back on the required highlights and the extra highlights it packs in is awesome.

The organization asserts that the DS2208 is one of the most effortless standardized identification scanners to use in the present occasions despite being one of the further developed ones in fact. The USP of the gadget unquestionably must be the Zebra licensed PRZM programming used to improve the entire procedure. Whatever is left of the highlights and essential particulars are recorded underneath.

Principle Features

  • The network tech utilized on the DS2208 is set up with a choice of utilizing Bluetooth as well
  • TTL interpreting is pre-introduced on the standardized tag scanner
  • The notice light is given by a LED a beeper sound
  • The interfaces upheld by the gadget incorporate RS-232, USB and console wedge
  • The print differentiate flag (PCS) is professed to be 25%
  • The scanner can check from separations up to 14.5 inches
  • Max skew point of the gadget is 65 degrees
  • The span of the standardized identification should be something like 4 mm
  • Sweep mode is constantly set to single. Which is an impediment thinking about the cost
  • The greatest checking velocity of the scanner is 30 inches for every second
  • Can examine Aztec code, China Han Xin Code, Codabar, Code 11, Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, Data Matrix, GS1 DataBar, Industrial 2 of 5, Italy Pharmacode, MSI-Plessey, MaxiCode, Micro QR code, NW-7, PDF417, QR code, TLC39, UPC

PROS (What we preferred)

  • As asserted by the organization, the standardized identification scanner is extremely easy to use out of the blue client and specialists won’t require preparing
  • The Zebra PRZM Software utilized by the organization is one of the more solid programming accessible for 2D standardized identification scanners
  • The gadget accompanies a natural locater which is expected to help and find standardized identifications all alone. This innovation is remarkable to Zebra items
  • Bluetooth and remote network is given as an alternative
  • It works up to 14 hours

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

  • The skew edge is only 65 and can be enhanced for a standardized identification scanner which is this exorbitant
  • Output mode is constantly single, which implies numerous sweeps is impossible at the same time
  • The print differentiate proportion is very low

2. Honeywell Voyager 1452G2D-Barcode scanner with most noteworthy image differentiate

Honeywell, similar to Zebra, is one of the world’s driving brands with regards to standardized tag scanners. They have a major scope of items in each class and furthermore create a great deal of hardware items other than standardized identification scanners as well.

Honeywell is to a great extent in charge of making standardized identification scanners as mainstream as they are nowadays because of their ceaseless work in this field to enhance the gadgets.

The Voyager extend is one of the most noteworthy moving standardized tag scanners for Honeywell and the equivalent is valid for the 1452G2D. Much the same as the Zebra DS2208, even this falls in the higher end of the value portion because of the best in class highlights and client encounter. The USP of the Voyager is the wide range in which it is usable. With the most recent Bluetooth tech, it is operable up to 10 meters remotely. Here are it’s different highlights.

Principle Features

  • The scope of 2.4Ghz with versatile recurrence jumping Bluetooth innovation adaptation 2.0
  • Most extreme information transmission speed of 1 MBPS
  • The battery of the standardized identification scanner is evaluated at 2400 mAh and is comprised of Lithium-particle
  • The gadget can look over to 50 thousand scanner tags at one output for each second on a solitary charge
  • It takes around 4.5 hours to completely charge the standardized tag scanner
  • Movement resilience of up to 10 cm/s implies the client shouldn’t be stressed over precariousness while filtering
  • Most extreme skew edge while examining is 70 degrees

PROS (What we preferred)

  • Honeywell items are constantly top quality and brand cognizant individuals can get it without stresses
  • Image complexity of 35% is great and superior to other 2D standardized identification scanners
  • The Bluetooth adaptation utilized is the most recent accessible for standardized identification scanners and the scope of 10 meters is additionally very great
  • The skew edge is additionally better than average at 70 degrees and is sufficient nowadays
  • It weighs around 210 grams, making it simple to work for quite a while
  • It can filter from cell phones.
  • The battery life is up to 14 hours

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

  • The charge time of 4.5 hours isn’t the best and ought to have been less for a gadget estimated this high
  • Cost of support is high.

3. Nadamoo 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner-Most esteem for-cash standardized tag scanner

Not at all like the 2 past items on this rundown, the present item originates from an extremely unassuming assembling. Be that as it may, it is as yet put this high on the rundown in view of the exceptional appraisals alongside fabulous particulars and highlights it conveys to the table. Nadamoo is an organization from the US and is stirring the market with such items.

When you take a gander at the specs sheet, you will find that it doesn’t hold back on real highlights and even has preferable particulars over models put above it. One of the principle USP’s of this scanner is the wide Bluetooth run that it offers. Nonetheless, that isn’t its solitary enormous element. Here is a rundown of all that you have to know before purchasing this item.

Principle Features

  • The recurrence of the standardized tag scanner is expressed to be 433 HZ
  • The pre-introduced memory can put away to 1 lakh scanner tags at a solitary time
  • The scope of Bluetooth is truly outstanding on this rundown
  • The processor of the scanner is the 32 bit ARM Cortex
  • Print differentiate is under 25%
  • The light source is a 650 nm LED
  • The output speed is a noteworthy 260 sweeps for every moment
  • The mistake rate is under 1 for each 20 million sweeps
  • it has 1200 mAh battery and It takes 3 to 4 hours for battery to be completely charged
  • The skew point of the gadget is around 60 degrees, which is very disillusioning
  • The warnings are dealt with by a signal and a LED light

PROS (What we preferred)

  • The cost to execution proportion and incentive for cash is great.
  • The range for the Bluetooth inside is 100 meters and 400 meters for outside, which excellent at the cost at which it is advertised
  • The bidirectional examining ability at this cost is offered by relatively few producers
  • The plain low blunder rate and high examining rate guarantee that client encounter is in every case great
  • The battery life is another extraordinary angle as it can continue for 10 days without charging.
  • In the wired mode, the client can utilize standardized tag while charging.
  • The processor is from a dependable brand like ARM

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

  • The differentiation proportion of 25% is very low
  • The skew edge of 60 degrees is very low contrasted with contenders
  • The brand is very obscure and benefit focuses won’t be broadly accessible

4. Pegasus PS3117-Most financially savvy standardized identification scanner

The following item on our rundown originates from an Indian producer who is generally new to the standardized tag checking business. Be that as it may, this does not imply that their items are mediocre compared to those of its rivals. Truth be told, it is sheltered to state that, the gadgets are giving extreme rivalry to those valued above them because of the cost viability offered by these items.

The PS3117 is their solitary offering in the 2D standardized identification section and like different Pegasus standardized identification scanners, the cost of the item is its principle USP. It is certain to give clients simple and do precisely what it is intended for with no extravagant and over the best highlights. Here is an entire rundown of the things you have to think about the PS3117

Principle Features

  • The interface upheld by the Pegasus PS3117 is just the USB
  • Can examine QR Codes, Data Matrix and PDF codes whenever required
  • The voltage required is 5V and the greatest current utilization is 120ma
  • The photosensor utilized on the gadget is a CMOS sensor which has a goals of 648 Ã-488 pixels
  • The warning light source is a red LED
  • The skew point is a small 55 degrees, which is one of the most reduced on this rundown
  • The base PCS(print differentiate proportion) is 30%. Which is great contrasted with different gadgets in a similar fragment
  • Can perceive UPC/EAN,Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, Code 11, Matrix 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, MSI, QR, Data Matrix, PDF codes
  • The most extreme verticle stun drop remove is 1.2 meters


PROS (What we enjoyed)

  • The item is the best on the off chance that you are searching for a 2D scanner that won’t leave a major opening in your pocket
  • Backings all the basic 2D scanner tags and all 1D standardized tags
  • The gadget weighs around 173 grams, making it convenient and simple to hold for extensive stretches
  • The organization has utilized a CMOS sensor, which is extraordinary at the cost point
  • you get the intensity of a standardized identification scanner, advanced camera and archive scanner in a solitary, financially savvy gadget.
  • The print differentiate flag is great at 30%

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

  • The interface upheld is just USB, which is a major frustration for a few
  • No remote transmission is available
  • The skew point is little and might cause burden

5. Honeywell 1450G2D-Most versatile standardized tag scanner

The 1450G2D is the second item inside the best 5 from the place of nectar well and this talks a ton about the quality that the organization represents with regards to standardized identification scanners. The prime saying of the organization is unquestionably to offer the best client encounter as opposed to the best particulars at the cost and they have been to a great extent fruitful at that till now.

The 1450G2D, as the name recommends, is the more reasonable rendition of the 1452G2D and it misses a few highlights when contrasted with the latter.However, regardless it has what it takes to be one of the best standardized identification scanners in its value section. Here are a portion of its determinations and highlights, that you ought to know about.

Principle Features

  • Honeywell claims the 1450G2D to be a standout amongst the most minimized 2D standardized identification scanners around and it weighs only 130 grams
  • The working force required by the gadget is simply 2W
  • The standardized identification scanner bolsters USB, RS232, console and even the RS485 interfaces
  • It is said to withstand drops from up to 1.5 meters, which is very exemplary
  • It can likewise withstand up to 1000 tumbles from 0.5 meters stature
  • The 1450G2D is IP evaluated and its rating is IP40
  • The most extreme light dimensions are professed to associate with 100000 lux
  • The greatest movement resistance is 10 cm/s to dodge blunder and non-recognition of standardized identifications
  • The skew plot for example acknowledgment is a noteworthy 70 degree.

PROS (What we preferred)

  • Honeywell is an organization known for the quality its item offers and the 1450G2D is the same
  • The skew point of 70 degrees is great and superior to most 2D standardized tag scanners
  • The IP rating is a special reward when contrasted with different scanners
  • The image differentiate proportion of 35% is likewise incredible
  • Drop opposition of 1.5 meters is one of the most elevated for standardized tag scanners
  • It can unravel all standard 1D and 2D scanner tags that are accessible at present

CONS (What we didn’t care for)

  • Despite the fact that it is a reasonable variant of a higher evaluated item, it is as yet costlier than most standardized identification scanners
  • It misses on highlights like extra highlights like propelled picture catch and handling applications found on the higher evaluated demonstrate


So that was all you had to know before going into the market to buy a 2D standardized identification scanner. There are an assortment of alternatives out there as far as determinations and cost.

On the off chance that you couldn’t care less about the evaluating and need the most elite, at that point the Zebra Symbol DS2208 is the best approach. On the off chance that you have a strict spending plan yet at the same time need a decent item, the Nadamoo or Pegasus standardized identification scanners will work to perfection.

In the event that you need the most versatile standardized identification scanner by containing a bit on execution, at that point the Generic ABOUTTHEFIT is a decent item to consider. Expectation this article made a difference.

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